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Dandridge, Tennessee

September 24, 2012



Staff Photo / Experimental Aviation Association Fly-In, Morristown Regional Airport - see Community News
The Jefferson County Commission met on Monday, September 17, 2012 at the Historic Jefferson County Courthouse. The Meeting was Called to Order by Chairman Mills. Absent from Roll Call was Commissioner Barreiro.

Commissioner Mills and Commissioner Turner were nominated for Chairman of the Commission. Upon vote, Commissioner Mills was elected to the Chair position 19-1 (Maples). By acclamation, Commissioner Griffith will serve as Chair Pro Tem, Commissioner Estes will serve as Parliamentarian and Commissioner Tabor will serve as Chaplain.  The Approval of the Agenda was by Consent.

Four Citizens addressed the Commission regarding full funding for Parrott’s Chapel Fire Department.

An Honorary Resolution was presented by Commissioner Scarlett and Unanimously Approved by the Full Commission to the Jefferson County 4-H Patriot Shooters for exemplary performance in winning two National titles at the 2012 Scholastic Clay Target Program National Team Championships.

Upon a Motion from Commissioner Tucker and 2nd from Commissioner Scarlett the Notaries and Bonds were Approved. (Including the addition of Patricia Livery)

The Nominating Committee Chairman Cureton brought a recommendation from the Committee that the Nominating and Budget Committee Members would rotate. Commissioner Beeler and Chairman Mills will not rotate to the Nominating Committee and will remain on the Budget Committee. Commissioner Scarlett stated that he had received 22 calls from citizens that are concerned that an interim Commissioner will be placed on the Budget Committee. The Nomination Committee recommendation Passed with Commissioners Solomon, Scarlett and Blevins voting No.

County Mayor Palmieri brought appointments to several committees for Commission Approval.

NURSING HOME:  E.M Rogers-Reappoint, Commissioner Todd Kesterson. REGIONAL PLANNING COMMISSION:  Wayne Shrader – Reappoint, Rob Wilson – Fill Mayor Mike Keane, Commissioner Robert Tucker.  E911:  Brad Phillips – Reappoint, Tom Maursetter – Reappoint.  HOSPITAL FOUNDATION:  Jay Moser, Dale Fain, Roger Mynatt.

All Committee and Board seats were Confirmed by the Commission. Commissioners Estes and Solomon stated that they would like to see the Jefferson County Sheriff appointed to the E-911 Board, however that appointment is presented for confirmation by the Mayor.

Jefferson County Finance Director Helton requested Approval for Surplus Property. Upon a Motion from Scarlett and 2nd from Commissioner Estes the request was Approved. Director Helton brought information for action before the Commission regarding County employee increased contributions to retirement on a voluntary basis. Though Motions for acceptance were made, a resolution is necessary from the Commission. Director Helton will provide information about the boundaries of the contribution and existing employees. Upon a Motion from Scarlett and 2nd from Commissioner Akard the issue was postpone until an unspecified time –Passed by Consent.

Commissioner Maples requested that Jefferson County Sheriff McCoig address an issue of a complaint about a dog being held in the police impound lot. Sheriff McCoig stated that the complaint is unfounded and, when asked to elaborate on a report that was handed out, the Sheriff stated that Deputies were utilized when necessary to assist in certain situations that are in the best interest of the public

Finance Director Helton brought a Federal Budget Amendment for the School Board that included an incoming Grant of $100,000 that is a part of the STEM grant program for 21st Century Schools. The Commission questioned why the amendment did not come before the budget committee and was informed that the Grant was just awarded and has an October 1 date attached to it. The funds do not require a local match and are a part of a much touted program from the Department of Education. Because the issue did not go before the budget committee, the rules had to be suspended with a 2/3 vote. The Commission Approved the Suspension of the Rules in a 15-5 vote and the Federal Amendment Passed.

Director of Jefferson County Schools Edmonds informed the Commission that reports had been received from the two energy consultation companies that the school system is in contract with and that a savings total of $180,000 had been confirmed. Commissioner Tucker requested that Director Edmonds, School Board Chairman Potts or a representative be present at meetings.

Public Service Committee Chairman Tucker brought a recommendation from the Committee for a Resolution that would serve as a guideline for fire department substation funding. The resolution included benchmarks and a claw back that would allow the County to recoup funding should guidelines not be met. Commissioners Griffith and Turner requested a change in wording regarding funding that is less definitive and Commissioner Kesterson requested a change that would denote areas for substations that had been identified on a map as areas of concern by the Fire Chief Association. Both Amendments Passed and the Amended Resolution Passed with Musick, Tabor, Baxley and Beeler voting No. Solomon Abstained.

Chairman Tucker brought a recommendation from the Committee to put a referendum on the November ballot regarding a possible change to a Charter Form of Government. Commission Chairman Mills informed the Commission that it was too late to be included in this voting cycle. Upon a Motion from Commissioner Solomon and 2nd from Baxley the Commission voted 15-5 (Scarlett, Maples, Dockery, Blevins and Tucker) to lay the issue on the table.

Under New Business, the Commission Approved, upon a Motion from Scarlett and 2nd from Estes, a Resolution for rezoning the Hance property in Strawberry Plains. Upon a Motion from Estes and 2nd from Scarlett the Commission Approved a Resolution Proclaiming Saturday as Scholar Dollar Day. Commissioner Estes stated that Parrot’s Chapel Fire Department Funding, the Davis Bacon Act, the signal light project and funding of removal of portables should go before the Budget Committee before coming before the Full Commission. Commissioner Dockery made a Motion to Suspend the Rules to allow for the Parrott’s Chapel Fire Department Funding to come for vote. 2nd Tucker-Motion Failed 6-12 with Akard Abstaining. Estes’s Motion to send the affore mentioned issues to budget committee was 2nd by Carmichael-Passed 13-6. The Meeting was Adjourned.

Two Islamic Militias Closed
their bases in Derna, Libya

By: Jake Depew, Jefferson County Post Staff Writer

Saturday, September 22, 2012, two Islamic militias closed their bases in Derna, Libya. Following the attacks on American embassies on September 11, 2012, protests have arisen calling for the dismantling of any armed forces beyond the national government’s capacity to handle. In the nearby city of Benghazi hundreds of protestors marched on and overtook the headquarters of Ansar al-Sharia, one of the militias leaving Derna. Members of the radical group are being accused by protestors as having been involved in the attacks that left 4 Americans dead. Some armed groups are backed by the national government. These groups will be brought together with the army with the aid of a joint security office in the following days and weeks, stated Mohamed al-Magariaf, president of Libya's General National Congress. Protestors also gathered at locations utilized by the Rufallah al-Sihati battalion, a nationally-backed group. In clashes with as the Rufallah al-Sihati battalion headquarters, 4 protestors were killed, with as many as 70 casualties. Al-Magariaf claims the attacks on the headquarters to be a case of mistaken identity, but thanks civilians for routing independent armed groups. As of this writing, it is unknown how many of the militia groups in the area are actually independent, nor how many overall casualties have been incurred in the fighting.

Charles Randy Kelley Arrested for Murder of Johnny Arwood

According to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department, Charles Randy Kelley age 52 was arrested by Port Authority Officers at the George Washington Bridge leading from New Jersey to New York on September 21st, 2012 at approx. 8:30 pm. Kelley was a passenger in a Semi Truck.

Kelley was picked up hitch hiking in Tennessee by the Truck Driver and was found to be wanted by Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office for the murder of Johnny Arwood on May 21, 2012.

Detectives with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and TBI agent are in route to New Jersey to interview Charles Randy Kelley. If Kelley waives extradition to Tennessee, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office will be transporting him back to Tennessee.

Senator Faulk announce Highway Safety Grants for Jefferson County

State Senator Mike Faulk (R-Church Hill) announced last week that three grants have been approved to aid Jefferson County agencies in their highway safety efforts.  Faulk made the announcement after being notified by the Tennessee Department of Transportation’s Highway Safety Office.  The grants include $5,000 to the Jefferson City Police Department and $4,495 to the Dandridge Police Department for high visibility law enforcement campaigns; and $25,000 to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department for a Wide Area Saturation Patrol Division. 

Jefferson County will also benefit from a $155,941 grant to the 4th Judicial District of Tennessee for DUI abatement and prosecution enhancement.

“I am very pleased that our county has received these highway safety grants to help make our roads safer," said Senator Faulk.  "I also appreciate all the hard work that our local officials have done in helping us to receive these funds."

According to Senator Faulk, the grants were issued to agencies that successfully applied for funding based on need.  The grants help fund a variety of enforcement, legal and educational initiatives across the state including first responder equipment purchases, DUI prosecutors, speed enforcement, and child passenger safety training. 

“These grants will give our local communities additional funds that should help upgrade their efforts to make our roads safer and to protect our citizens from those who drink and drive,” Senator Faulk added.  “We will continue to work to make our roads safer.” 

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