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Dandridge, Tennessee

September 12, 2011

School Board Passes Budget
Building Program Discussion Blocked by 4-3 Vote
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The Jefferson County School Board held their Regular Monthly Meeting on September 8,2011 in the Media Center of Jefferson County High School. 

The meeting was called to order.

Jefferson County High School Student Board Representatives were sworn in by Judge Ben Strand.

Jefferson County Student Lauren Collins received Special Recognition for winning First Place in the Individual Documentary Category for her documentary titled “Eminent Domain; Private Tragedies for the Public Good”. The School Board viewed the winning film.

School Board Member Vines nominated School Board Member Anne Marie Potts for the position of Chairman of the School Board. No other nominations were forthcoming and Potts was voted to the position.

School Board Member Solomon nominated School Board Member Jarnigan to the position of Vice 

Chairman of the School Board. No other nominations were forthcoming and Jarnigan was voted to the position.

Chairman Potts assumed charge of the meeting and called for introduction of new School System Employees. Potts introduced newly placed School Board Member Cavanaugh to the Board.

School Board Member Loy requested that the Building Program be added to the Agenda. Chairman Potts brought the request to a vote and the request failed with Potts, Vines, Jarnigan and Solomon voting No.

Consent Agenda items were accepted.

Citizen Kathy Jensen, a parent of a JCHS student, questioned the safety of the situation at Jefferson County High School. 

Upon a motion from Vines and 2nd by Jarnigan the Board voted to accept the Bid Awards and Renewal for Student Nutrition for the 2011-2012 school year.

Vines requested that policy 4.301 Interscholastic Athletics be pulled from review and adoption. Policy 3.404 and 5.310 were passed for adoption. Loy stated that she had brought questions to the policy committee and was awaiting answers.

Appointments of Delegates to the TSBA Convention and Appointment of TLN Representative ( Loy ), Management Team ( Bradley ), Board Policy Committee ( Jarnigan, Cavanaugh) and Insurance Advisory Committee ( Solomon, Vines, Cavanaugh ).

Amendment #1 of Federal Budget for the 2011-2012 School Year was passed upon a motion from Solomon and 2nd Jarnigan.

Vines made a motion to approve the use of the Fair Ground for Farm Bureau, Carson-Newman College and an ATV Safety Course. 2nd Solomon - Passed Unanimous.

Jarnigan made a motion to accept the State rate of travel reimbursement of 47 cents. 2nd by Vines motion failed with Solomon, Loy, Bradley and Cavanaugh voting No.

Jarnigan made a motion to accept the General Purpose Budget with line item adjustments for the 2011-2012 School Year. Vines 2nd the motion.

Jefferson County Director of Finance Helton stated that the line items were different from the Option 7 budget that was presented to the Board during work session last week. He said that it had come to his attention that certain over budgeted monies in transportation had been placed in a reserve account and required that cuts be taken from other areas. Helton informed the Board that $847,800 had rolled into Fund Balance due to over budgeting the previous year. He proposed that line item cuts come in categories that were over budgeted - $200,000 in Regular Instruction Program - $51,154 in Operation of Plant - $175,000 in Transportation and Operation of Plant ( other contracted services ). These would be in addition to the original cuts in Transportation that included double budgeting of employees and employees that were found to be deceased or retired.

Director of Transportation, Capitol Projects and Maintenance stated that he had concerns regarding some of the cuts in Transportation and Other Contracted Services.

Bradley stated that he would like to see money be put back into Transportation. Helton stated that he is more concerned with the cuts in utilities ( under operation of plant) because he has no idea where the utilities will come in with the energy contracts.

Bradley inquired what would happen if the County Commission refused budget amendments.

Helton stated that each Department Head will receive a monthly financial report so they will be aware of where their budget is and have a firm grasp on what money can be spent. He said that Department Heads are not spending allotted money and it is rolling into Fund Balance.

Vines requested a person to bridge the Central Office and the Finance Department.

Jarnigan stated that Option 7 was on the table and that the School Board needed to vote.

Loy stated that she is concerned that the schools have needs and that money is not being spent but is rolling into Fund Balance. She said that it is a poor use of taxpayer dollars.  Director of Schools Edmonds stated that the roll over may be from BEP funds and under usage of State Funds.

The original motion to accept the General Purpose Budget for 2011-2012 including line item cuts passed unanimously.

Chairman Potts passed a letter around for each Board Member to sign that will go into the County Commission packet for their next meeting.  The meeting was Adjourned.

Judge Ben Strand Swears In Student School Board Representatives

Staff Photo / Abby Duck
Staff Photo / Dylan Brown
Staff Photo / Ashley Codispoti
Staff Photo / Zac Dalton

Taliban Truck Bomb Wounds 77 U.S. Soldiers
By: Jake Depew

Late Saturday night, September 10, 2012, a Taliban truck bombing in Afghanistan wounded 77 U.S. soldiers and killed 2 Afghan citizens. In addition, NATO has reported that a number of Afghan citizens were wounded in the explosion, although the number is less than 25. Thankfully, none of the injuries sustained by the U.S. soldiers are life-threatening. The blast was powerful enough to shatter windows in government offices nearby. An American military base in eastern Afghanistan was the target of the attack. Shortly after the bombing, the Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. NATO claims that the attack was carried out by a suicide bomber who set off a large explosive in a truck carrying firewood. Although the explosive used was powerful, the majority of the explosion’s force was absorbed by the outpost’s protective barrier. All damage to the facility is reported to be repairable, and the facility itself is still fully functional. The attack came only hours after a message was delivered from the Taliban stressing no involvement in the 9/11 attacks and stating that fighting will continue until Americans return hold of the area. Taliban suicide bombers are often used to attack specific targets or high priority buildings. It is currently unknown whether the attack was intended for a specific target, although evidence currently indicates the explosion was only directed toward soldiers at the military base.

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