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Dandridge, Tennessee

October 31, 2011

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Who picks up the tab?

The Jefferson County Department of Education has raised the issued of the need for a traffic light at the intersection of Highway 92 and Dumplin Valley. The area has heavy traffic flow, in part, due to the proximity to Jefferson County High School. The influx of people into Jefferson County during the past decade, coupled with the addition of two new schools that will be located on Dumplin Valley road, have created a need for a traffic light, according to the Department of Education. Director of Maintenance, Transportation and Capitol Projects Phagan has taken point on the traffic light issue for the DOE.

TDOT Community Relations Officer for Region 1 Mark Nagi stated that Nathan Vatter of the TDOT Traffic Office had spoken with Phagan on Thursday and that they had discussed the impact of the construction of two new schools on the intersection.  

Nagi said that the City of Dandridge was sent a contract for a signal light in 2007, however the issue was never pursued by Dandridge. Because the area in question is inside the boundaries of Dandridge, they would be ultimately responsible to maintain the light and would need to be a part of the request. Nagi also stated that there would be improvements required to minor roadway approaches ( Dumplin Valley ) before a signal could be installed. He said that these improvements would be the responsibility of the City or County depending on jurisdiction. TDOT could possibility assist with the installation of the signal should the stipulations for improvements be met, however Nagi would not commit, at this point in the process, to the scope of the assistance that TDOT would offer. The TDOT Traffic Office will perform a crash analysis and determine what geometric improvements may be needed for future projects.

Dandridge Mayor Gantte stated that Dandridge did offer to address the turn lanes needed for a traffic light at the intersection of Dumplin Valley and Highway 92 several years ago. The Town of Dandridge offered to fund the turn lane requirements if the school system would accept responsibility for the ongoing cost such as electricity and maintenance contract that is required to operate the traffic light. The School Board took no action on the request. Mayor Gantte said that the issue will need to go back before the Town Council because of the amount of time that has passed, however he believes that the Town will be open to the issue. 

There will be a meeting on November 29, 2011 between representatives of the Town of Dandridge, the Department of Education and TDOT to address the needs of the Dumplin Valley - Highway 92 Intersection.

What Orange do you bleed? 
Do you bleed for the Carson Newman Eagles or the Tusculum College Pioneers? Medic Regional Blood Center announces the 11th Annual Blood Drive Competition to see which collegeís fan base can bring in the most blood donations. ďThis fun spirited competition is a great way to illustrate your pride for your community and your college,Ē states Christi Fightmaster, Medicís Public Relations Director. The winner will be announced at the November 5th game at Carson Newman College. Get ready to roll up your sleeve inside the Student Center at Carson Newman College from 9am- 6pm on November 2. 

All donors will receive a free game day t-shirt, cholesterol evaluation and Medicís blood coverage benefit. Medicís blood coverage program protects donors and their family. One donation a year to Medic exempts donors and IRS dependents from paying blood collection and processing fees at any U.S. hospital if a transfusion is needed. 

Donors must be at least 17 years of age, weigh 110 pounds or more (16 year-olds weighing 120 pounds or more can donate but must have parental consent) and all donors must have positive identification. Donors can find more information on Medicís website, or on facebook:

October Snowstorm Dumps 31+ Inches on Mid-Atlantic and New England
By: Jake Depew, Jefferson County Post Staff Writer

Over the weekend, an incredibly powerful snowstorm swept across the Northeastern United States. According to the National Weather Service the snowfall was heaviest in Jaffrey, New Hampshire, totaling 31.4 inches. This shattered all previous records in the area. As a result of the storm, Connecticut has suffered the highest number of power outages in history. The storm was exceptionally destructive, with winds and heavy, wet snow that were able to snap trees and power lines all across the Mid-Atlantic and New England. As of the time of this writing, an estimated 3 million homes are without power throughout the region. Train and air travel have been greatly inhibited by the storm, as approximately 48 passengers were stuck on a train for over 13 hours. Other, unconfirmed, stories report travelers being stuck on the tarmac at various airports without food, water, or restrooms. The storm has also claimed as many as eight lives. Icy roads have been the cause of 6 fatal car crashes in the Northeast. Also, an 84 year old man lost his life as a tree, weighed down with snow, crashed into his house in Temple, Pennsylvania, and a 20 year old man was electrocuted as he touched an electrified guard rail in Springfield, Massachusetts. The total damages caused by the storm are currently unknown, but many state representatives are claiming it will be several days, if not weeks, before services return to normal.

Rules and Clue to this week's Jefferson County Post Geocache

Congratulations to last week's winners!

Beth Green, Lisa Walker, Derwin Lewis, Mark Elmore, Reggie Adams, & Dustin Lewis.

Special Geocache Message: Happy 4th Birthday Cora-belle!


What you seek
is at the place
imaginations soar,

Filled with wisdom
of the years 
And magic of the lore,

Look to the lanky guardian,
Though Brainy he is not,

He has within his boneless grasp,
The treasure that is sought

GPS Coordinates (approximate): N36 00.840 W083 24.885 - Container Size: Small 4"x4" - On Public Property

The Geocache is in a water-proof container.  Instructions are inside.

In The Jefferson County Post "JUST IN" section there will be a page where you can post comments after it is found.  Keep it a secret though!

If you want to play and do not have a GPS, you can consult google maps for the general location of the cache or just use the clues provided. Donít forget to bring a pen to sign the log book and remember to leave the logbook and the cache for other players! 

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