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October 17, 2011 www.jeffersoncountypost.com

Passes Request For JCHS Renovation Funds Without Artificial Turf
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The Jefferson County School Board met for their Regular Monthly Meeting on Thursday, October 13, 2011 in the Media Center of Jefferson County High School. 

The Meeting was called to order by Chairman of the Board Potts.

JCHS Students Abby Duck and Ben Brock were recognized for being named Commended Students for their outstanding performance in the 20102 National Merit Scholarship Competition.

PTO and Booster Club Presidents were recognized for their service to the School System.

Board Member Jarnigan addressed the Board regarding Food City Bucks, which acts as a fund raiser for participating schools.

Board Member Vines requested to add part time employee bonus to the Agenda. Upon a motion from Jarnigan and a 2nd from Vines the amended agenda was approved.

Commissioner Turner addressed the Board as a citizen regarding the need for a red light at the intersection of HWY 92 and Dumplin Valley.

Citizen Nancy Zander spoke to the Board about the policy for homeschoolers participating in school sports.

Jefferson County Finance Director Helton distributed Financial Reports.

Director of Schools Edmonds stated that bids for the Freshman Academy were opened on Tuesday afternoon, however, they are not yet tabulated. He stated that there were 43 bids and that a lot had to be considered before awards would be announced.

Chris Myers of Rentenbach's stated that , weather permitting, they are with in a day of masonry work on the new elementary school. The project is currently about 3 weeks ahead of schedule. A tour of the facility is planned for 5:30 pm on October 27,2011.

The Board approved on the first and final reading changes to the policy regarding Head Lice. The change was to meet CDC guidelines.

Director Edmonds presented the Board with performance evaluation procedure for the position of Director of Schools. The evaluation tool was created by Edmonds and will include a self evaluation as well as Board individual evaluations. Per Potts the TSBA is available to tabulate the scores at no cost to the system. Board Member Bradley questioned where the inclusion of system test scores would come into play. Edmonds stated that it was a part of Instruction. He said that because he is responsible for the all facets of the Schools, goals will be broader than a class room teacher.

Board Member Solomon made a motion to accept the performance evaluation scale as written. 2nd Jarnigan

Board Member Loy stated that she would like to see a number component added - Something along the same lines that the teachers have in their evaluations. Director Edmonds stated that he was not opposed to the same type of scale used for the teachers. The Motion was amended by consent to include a numerical ranking. Motion Passed.

Upon a motion from Vines and a 2nd from Jarnigan the Board unanimously approved the adoption of School Commissionerís Rules of Procedure. Loy, though voting for the adoption, stated that the rules should not be used to intimidate Board members from speaking.

By consent, Vines was appointed Parliamentarian.
Chair Potts stated that the Board needs to establish a Performing Arts Foundation. Loy declined to Chair that project, citing the amount of time left in her term on the Board. Potts will establish the Committee and initially serve as Chair.

Loy made a motion to resend the building of the Freshman Academy. 2nd Cavanaugh

Loy stated that she had wished for many years for a freshman academy and had learned to be careful what you wish for. She feels strongly that JCHS needs to be remodeled first. She stated that she was not advocating abandoning the project, but rather putting it on hold will be a better result with the funding body.

Board Member Solomon stated that he felt that they had put a lot of things on hold and should stick with what they have done.

Bradley made a motion to postpone until Bid information is available. Potts stated that the motion died for lack of 2nd.

The original Loy/Cavanaugh motion Failed with Loy and Cavanaugh voting Yes.

Director of County Finance Helton presented the Board with reports on the County Fund Balance and the September Financial Summary for the School System. He also provided a preliminary funding analysis that was prepared by the outside County financial advisors in regard to Schools and the E-911 project.

Heaton stated that the County Fund Balances are healthy, coming in at a total of $22,564,488. The General Purpose School Fund Balance is $5,203,648. He said that the schools currently have $51 million plus in debt with the current building programs and left over debt from other projects. The renovation of JCHS will bring that total to around $77 million, should it be approved by the County Commission. 

Chair Potts questioned where 2 of the 12 cent tax increase that was allotted for the building program went. Helton stated that 2 cents went into the County General Fund Balance. He said that the County is in good shape with the Fund Balance and needs to look at paying down debt. Helton stated that the County could look at a combination of tax increase and other funding to compile funding for renovations to JCHS. 

Solomon made a motion to pull the artificial turf from the JCHS renovation project, leaving the track, which would reduce the renovation price by $667,100 making the cost of renovation to JCHS $24,756,532. 2nd Vines

Solomon stated that the project needs to move forward and that it needs to be done for the kids.

Vines stated that the $50 million range is less than $64 million.

Bradley stated that the County Commission approved $26 million and that it is what is available to spend.

Loy said that taking on more debt will put pressure on the citizens and that money will be needed to operate and maintain the facility. Beyond operational cost, teachers and support staff need better pay.

Potts stated that the building program had started 10 years ago and that it needs to move forward.

Bradley made a motion to postpone until bid numbers are available and a total cost of the project can be assessed. 2nd Loy - Failed with Cavanaugh, Loy and Bradley voting Yes.

The original Solomon/Vines motion Passed with Loy and Cavanaugh voting No.

Vines made a motion to lend a letter via Dr. Edmonds to the County Commission requesting funding for the renovations at JCHS. 2nd Solomon- Passed with Loy and Cavanaugh voting No.

Upon recommendation from Potts and a motion from Solomon the Board voted to retain a Forensic Accountant to review, analysis and be available to testify about Community Tectonics claims.

The Board also approved the Report of School Compliance and the Certification of Compliance - textbooks.

Edmonds recommended that the Board approve$227,359 for water line for new elementary school due to the fact that there is no water line on the property. The money will come from the Capitol Outlay Note.  So moved by Jarnigan and 2nd by Solomon-Passed unanimously.

Loy requested that Interscholastic Athletics be pulled from the Policy Changes for Review and Adoption. Policies on Private Vehicles and Vacations and Holidays Passed.

Vines made a motion to send to the County Commission a request for bonus for part time School System employees. 2nd Solomon

Bradley made a motion to postpone until the next School Board Meeting . Loy 2nd motion Passed.

School Board Members requested that the situation of the intersection and need for a red light at HWY 92 and Dumplin Valley be added to the next agenda.

Solomon stated that the Board needs to have meetings in the Schools that have had work done by Trane.  The Meeting was Adjourned.

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County Commission Work Session

The Jefferson County Commission held their Regular Quarterly Work Session on Tuesday, October 11,2011 at the Historic Jefferson County Courthouse.

The Meeting was Called to Order by Chairman Mills.

One Citizen addressed the Commission regarding a zoning appeal on corner of HWY 92 and Indian Creek Rd. The Commission informed the citizen that the issue would be before the Commission for a vote later in the month.

Jefferson County Mayor Palmieri distributed a handout to the Commission regarding the $16 million draw down for the School System. He stated that he was bringing names of citizens and Commissioners to fill open Committee and other positions that are the responsibility of the Mayor. David Boles - E-911, Mike Keane, Mayor of Baneberry, - Planning Commission, David Gault - Building Inspector, Highway Superintendent Tipton, Commissioners Blevins, Tabor, Sheets and Estes - Ethics Committee

In answer to a question by Commissioner Beeler regarding the Building Facilities Tax, Building Inspector Seals stated that the issue will be addressed at the beginning of the year.

Commissioner Tucker stated that it was important for the Commission to speak to the School Board as a governing body, instead of individuals.

Chairman of the Finance Committee Griffith stated that the Committee did not meet because there was no quorum.

Chairman of the Budget Committee Scarlett stated that the Committee will recommend a 2% Bonus for Full time County and School System employees that meet the employment stipulations. The Committee will also recommend paving funding as soon as the correct path of funding is identified. This will include hospital property tax that is earmarked for paving.

Commissioner Baxley stated that he felt that School System part time employees should get the bonus as well. Chairman Scarlett stated that the Budget Committee followed the request of the School System and that the Committee cannot alter the School Boardís motion for requested funding. He said that County employees that are part time did not receive a bonus and the School System specifically requested that, if a bonus was given, that it be with the same considerations that the County employees receive.

Commissioner Dockery asked if part time County employees were considered for a bonus. Chairman Scarlett stated that the amount of bonus was based on an average salary and that the amount of bonus that would be due to part time County employees was around $18. The Committee did not consider the amount to be significant enough to have any positive financial impact for the part time County employees. Committee Member Estes stated that the Committee did consider a flat bonus of $100 and $50, however both motions failed.

Commissioner Dockery stated that Parrots Chapel Fire Department has received a truck and is waiting on the possible donation of another truck. He said that Volunteer numbers are increasing and the Fire Department is raising funds to pay for a concrete pad.

The Library Board addressed the Committee regarding accepting the proposed donation of the Union Hall for the Strawberry Plains Library. Commissioner Blevins stated that he believes that the Commission should go with the recommendation of the Library Board and accept the building so the project can move forward. Other issues, such as the Senior Center, need to be addressed. Commissioner Beeler stated that the Library funding is not generally the responsibility of the Commission. Blevins said that the community is willing to raise funds for renovation of the gifted building, however grants sometimes require limited contributions from the owner, which would be the County. Commissioners Blevins and Barreiro both stated that it is important to the community to have adequate Library facilities. According to Library Board Representative Ringa, after considering all of the options on the table, acceptance of the Union Hall building will best meet the needs of the community.

The Meeting was Adjourned.

The Commission reconvened for a Special Called Meeting.

Chairman of the Commission Mills called the meeting to order.

Committee Member Tucker made a motion to reschedule the Regular Monthly Meeting due to conflicts with the Fall Break Schedule of Jefferson County Schools. 2nd Kesterson

The motion to reschedule Failed.  The meeting was Adjourned.

Last Week's Geocache Winners
  • Beth Green
  • Lisa Walker
  • David Walker
  • Jim & Ginny Vandergriff

Congratulations to last weeks winners as they braved the elements to uncover a Level 5 Geocache.  Very Difficult

Rules and Clue to this week's Jefferson County Post Geocache

Tread carefully along the ground,

As hallowed it may be,

And seek what has been hiding,

In the shadows of a tree,

An alley to my left - your quest to the right,

Very few will enter here, when daylight falls to night.

GPS Coordinates (approximate): N36 01.000 W83 24.900 - Container Size: Small 4"x4" - On Public Property

The Geocache is in a water-proof container.  Instructions are inside.

In The Jefferson County Post "JUST IN" section there will be a page where you can post comments after it is found.  Keep it a secret though!

If you want to play and do not have a GPS, you can consult google maps for the general location of the cache or just use the clues provided. Donít forget to bring a pen to sign the log book and remember to leave the logbook and the cache for other players! 

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