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Dandridge, Tennessee

November 19, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving From The Jefferson County Post

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School Board Names New Freshman Academy "PATRIOT ACADEMY"

The Jefferson County School Board met for their Regular Monthly Meeting on Thursday, November 15, 2012 in the Media Center of Jefferson County High School. The Meeting was Called to Order by Chairman of the Board Potts. Absent from Roll Call were Board Members Vines and Rogers.

Special Recognition was given to Emily Vance, a 3rd grade student at Jefferson Elementary School, for winning the Grade Level 3-5 Directors’ Art Gallery. Recognition was also given for the Anti Bullying Program and an update for the United Way Campaign.

Upon a Motions and 2nd s from Board Members Jarnigan and Bradley, the Agenda and Consent Agenda were Approved. Two citizens appeared before the Board. One was in support of the addition of a Bowling Team to Jefferson County High School and one was in support of making a fly box a part of the plans for the proposed auditorium at Jefferson County High School.

Director of Schools Edmonds presented the Board with the forms that each school will complete in determination of maintenance needs and wants, including ranking of those requests. This will allow the Board to determine urgency in the requests. January is the time frame for the finalized report.

Under New Business, Jefferson County High School Principal Walker requested funding ( around $23,000) for two additional Advanced Placement Classes at Jefferson County High School for the 2013- 2014 School Year. The plan is to add a total of 5 new Advanced Placement Classes and 3 of those will be covered with no additional financing needs.

Principal Walker requested that the Board consider naming the Freshman Academy the Patriot Academy, as it will connect the student to the flagship school. Upon a motion from Jarnigan and 2nd from Bradley the Board Approved the name Patriot Academy for the new satellite school. 

Upon a Motion from Jarnigan and 2nd from Board Member Lowery, the Board Approved a request from Dandridge Elementary School for planting donated fruit trees and creation of a butterfly garden. The Textbook Committee was Approved with a Motion from Board Member Cavanah and 2nd from Lowery.

By recommendation of Director Edmonds, the Board Approved a School Age Child Care Program at Mt. Horeb Elementary School. The program is self funding and students are already committed for after care slots.

Director Edmonds stated that there is approximately $40,000 left in the construction bond issuance for Mt. Horeb Elementary School and that the funds must be used at that school. He recommended that the Board use $16,500 for play ground equipment for the 3-5 grade play ground, which currently has no equipment. Upon a Motion from Bradley and 2nd from Jarnigan the Board Approved the purchase.

Cavanah made the Motion to Approve General Purpose Budget Amendment #4 and was 2nd by Bradley. Federal Budget Amendment #5 was motioned for approval by Bradley with a 2nd from Jarnigan. Both Motions Passed Unanimously.

The Board Approved on Second Reading policies 5.133, 5.302, 5.600, 5.602, 1.400, 1.704, 3.404, 3.500, 4.406, 4.407, 5.200, 5.201, 5.606, 5.701, 5.803, 6.316, 6.4081, 2.803, 3.201, 4.200, 4.402, 5.109, 5.110, 5.113, 5.114, 5.2001, 5.300, 5.301, 5.302, 5.303, 5.304, 5.307, 5.600, 5.602, 5.606. Pulled for further consideration was 6.4031 dealing with head lice.

The Board Approved a correction to the postponed planned expenditures for 2011-2012 which were previously approved. The correction removed architect fees for White Pine School and Building 8, as well as cameras for buses. The expenditure request has gone before the Jefferson County Budget Committee and will go before the full Commission for Approval.

Architect and Contractors for the Renovation to Jefferson County High School gave an over view of the project to new Board members. Board Member Bradley stated that he is concerned that Building 8 has unaddressed needs. The Board will submit information requests to the architect and contract manager for clarification before voting on the scope of the project. The Board will consider what, if any, add ons will be put out for bid. Add ons include such items as a fly box, windows, and the possibility of a 30 year roof. Information will be returned in regard to the cost associated with functional renovations to Building 8, including electrical and plumbing.  The Meeting was Adjourned.



It may seem like only yesterday that Jefferson County residents were shooting off fireworks and celebrating the birth of the Nation and it certainly doesn’t feel like much time has passed since trick or treaters were knocking on the door. Believe it or not, it is time for Thanksgiving and all the accompaniments that traditionally come with the holiday. Thanksgiving is celebrated in the United States on the fourth Thursday in November, though that was not always the case. The first Thanksgiving was in 1621 and until 1863 it was not a National Holiday, though it was celebrated in individual states and colonies. President Lincoln made Thanksgiving a National Holiday during the height of the Civil War. The push for a National Thanksgiving came largely from the author of “Mary had a Little Lamb”, Sarah Hale. After years of lobbying for Thanksgiving, Hale convinced Lincoln that the holiday was a way to unite the people during the war. President Lincoln set Thanksgiving for the final Thursday in November and it remained there until 1939. President Roosevelt moved the holiday up a week in the hopes of stimulating holiday sales during the Great Depression. This move was met with ire across the United States and became known as “Franksgiving”. In 1941 the holiday was moved to its permanent home of the fourth Thursday in November. Thanksgiving has lost some of the traditional religious influences over the years and public perception, thanks to good marketing, now associates the holiday more closely with turkey, pre shopping and parades than church. Thanksgiving also has the distinction of being sandwiched between the two heaviest travel days of the year. The day before Thanksgiving and the Sunday after Thanksgiving will find millions on the roads and in the air traveling to and from their destinations. Known as a time of family, feast and, in recent decades, football, Thanksgiving is a much anticipated holiday in the United States. In a recent survey, it was determined that 64% of Americans will watch football on Thanksgiving and more than half will play board games. Half of the families that cook for the holiday will begin two or three days in advance and of those that are guests more than 80% will bring a hostess gift or a side dish to the festivities. More than half of the people surveyed said that they have a second helping of Thanksgiving dinner and 41% confess that they take a nap on Thanksgiving Day.




After a day of feast and floundering, residents will awaken on Friday morning to find the Nation in full holiday swing. Black Friday is a National phenomenon that finds normal and rational people dragging themselves from bed during the wee hours of the morning the day after Thanksgiving to power shop. Millions of Americans will line up in front of retail stores in hopes of scoring the “early bird” special, which are only available for a limited amount of time and are usually sold out before those not obsessed with the shopping fever have gotten out of bed. Though Black Friday did not find its name until the mid 1960’s, Americans have been engaging in power holiday shopping since the 1930’s. President Roosevelt even moved Thanksgiving up a week in the mid 1930’s to extend the holiday shopping season. The weeks preceding Christmas are the bread and butter of retail sales and most retailers embrace the opportunity to have multitudes flock to their stores. Encouraged by special discount prices, lines often extend for blocks and the rush to be the first in the door is evidenced by sometimes tragic results. The manic that often accompanies Black Friday is not new. In fact, it was that manic and congestion that labeled the day after Thanksgiving Black Friday. In the mid 1960’s , Police Officers that were charged with monitoring and controlling traffic on the day following Thanksgiving deemed the day Black Friday. The day of shopping has become a tradition for some, though the 2012 Retail Report suggests that Black Friday may soon be a thing of the past. The report predicts that, as more and more retailers bend to pressure to open on Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday will become extinct. The addition of Cyber Monday has contributed to the pressure for retailers to open on Thanksgiving. As more and more people shop on line, physical retail stores take the financial hit. The Retail Report also outlines the difficulty for the mid line retail stores and the likelihood that those will be the ones that struggle the most during an economic downturn.


Will Shehata Negotiate a Cease-Fire?
Israel Massing Troops & Tanks
By: Jake Depew, Jefferson County Post Staff Writer


Violence has flared between Gaza and Israel, as Israel seeks to end the daily rocket strikes that have been assailing Israeli cities. Israel has led three days of air strikes against Gaza, who is now calling for Israel to end its assault and “all acts of aggression and assassination,” as well as ending its blockade of Gaza. In return, Gaza will cease all rocket fire into Israel. Friday, rocket fire neared Jerusalem, leading to fears of a wider-scale war being lead by the Israeli forces. The following day, rockets were continually fired from Gaza, with one heading for Tel Aviv. The Israeli missile defense system, Iron Dome, neutralized the missile before any harm was done. As many as 400 rockets have stuck Israel since Wednesday, November 13, 2012, according to a report by the Israeli Defense Forces. A large number of Israeli troops and tanks have begun amassing near the Palestinian border, along with convoys carrying tens of thousands of soldiers. In addition, the Israeli government has called upon 75,000 reservist, leading many to fear a large-scale ground invasion. Amongst the destruction in Gaza, Israeli war planes completely leveled the Palestinian Cabinet building, destroying the office of Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, a police compound, and the Hamas Ministry of the Interior. Egyptian Intelligence Chief Mohammed Shehata is leading negotiations between Israel and Hamas in an effort to reach a cease-fire between the two forces. As of this writing, it is unknown how much, if any, headway has been gained by the negotiations.


No Lane Closures on Tennessee Highways During the Thanksgiving Holiday
TDOT Halts All Lane Closure Activity for Busy Holiday Travel Period


Thanksgiving travelers will enjoy a smooth drive through Tennessee again this year during this busy travel holiday. The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) will halt all lane closure activity on interstates and state highways in anticipation of higher traffic volumes across the state. All construction related lane closures will be stopped beginning at noon on Wednesday, November 21 until 6:00 a.m. Monday, November 26.

“Nearly a million travelers in Tennessee are expected to drive to their holiday destination this year,” said TDOT Commissioner John Schroer. “Halting road work during this busy time will provide maximum capacity on our roadways and help alleviate congestion, especially during the predicted peak travel days of Wednesday and Sunday.”

While all lane closure activity will be stopped, workers may be on site in some construction zones. Motorists are reminded to drive safely and obey the posted speeds, especially in work zones. Drivers convicted of speeding in work zones where workers are present face a fine of up to $500, plus court fees and possible increased insurance premiums.

“Drivers can expect to see increased law enforcement on the roads this Thanksgiving holiday,” said Governor’s Highway Safety Office Director Kendell Poole. “We want everyone to have a safe holiday so remember to buckle up, drive the speed limit and don’t get behind the wheel of a vehicle if you’ve had anything to drink.”

Some long term lane closures will remain in place on some construction projects for motorist’s safety.

AAA predicts 43.6 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more during the Thanksgiving holiday. An estimated 953,041 people are expected to travel by automobile in Tennessee. Nationwide, 90% of all travelers will drive to their destination. In the southeast region, travelers are expected to journey 525 miles round-trip. According to AAA, the majority of travelers (45%) plan to leave on Wednesday and return on Sunday.

For up-to-date travel information, motorists can call 5-1-1 from any land line or cell phone or visit Smart phone users can use the TDOT SmartWay Mobile website at to access TDOT’s SmartWay cameras, incident information and messages displayed on overhead Dynamic Message Signs. Travelers can also get instant traffic alerts by following TDOT on Twitter. For a list of available Twitter feeds visit Motorists are reminded that texting while driving is against the law in Tennessee, so please use these motorist information tools responsibly.

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