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Dandridge, Tennessee

November 12, 2012 www.jeffersoncountypost.com

Jefferson Residents Report Quake

Staff Photo / Jefferson City Fire Department Practicing Hard To Reach Rescues ... page 6
4.3 Earthquake Epicenter In Eastern Kentucky

Saturday Jefferson County residents felt the result of earthquakes that struck in Eastern Kentucky. The United States Geological Survey indicated that an earthquake with a magnitude of 4.3 was felt as far away as Atlanta, Ga. Shortly after the first quake was felt, another earthquake shook the area. The second quake is listed as a 2.5 magnitude and also occurred in Eastern Kentucky. The USGS lists the city closest to the quake as Blackey, KY for the largest and first earthquake and between Blackey and Vicco, KY for the second quake. Both cities are in the general location of Hazzard, KY and are approximately 95 miles from Knoxville, TN. Several Jefferson County residents responded on the USGS web site, which encourages input from those that felt the tremors. The response allows the USGS to track the impact of earthquakes. Those that would like to log the impact of the earthquake can do so www.earthquake.usgs.gov.  The site will also provide information on other locations that were impacted, and the level of impact, of the earthquake.



Jefferson County joined the rest of the Nation on Sunday, November 11th in recognizing Veterans. Veteran’s Day was originally established to honor the veterans of World War I. Because November 11th was the date of the armistice signed to cease fighting between the Allied Nations and Germany, that date was chosen as a day to celebrate peace and the contributions of those that served in the war. Though the war was not officially ended until the end of June of 1919, the armistice went into effect on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918 and is known as the unofficial end of the war. In the early years, November 11th was designated as Armistice Day, however it was changed to Veteran’s Day to include Veterans from World War II, the Korean War and all veterans in 1954. Veteran’s Day does not follow the uniform Holiday Act, however this year the governmental offices will be closed on Monday in recognition of Veteran’s Day because the Federal Holiday fell on a Sunday. Veteran’s Day was briefly included in the Uniform Holidays Act, however it was removed in the late 1970 and November 11th was, again, designated to recognize Veterans. Many Jefferson County schools and businesses held programs and ceremonies to recognize local veterans through out last week.  The most current census lists 4, 727 veterans in Jefferson County and 505,746 veterans in Tennessee. That number is likely larger with the return of some veterans from recent deployment.


Corker Urges President to Work with Congress to Pass Fiscal Reform Now


U.S. Senator Bob Corker, R-Tenn., made the following statement last week urging the president to work with Congress on passing a fiscal reform plan.

I urge the president to work with the leadership of the House and Senate to pass a fiscal reform package now. I believe all sides understand the issues that need to be addressed, we have discussed them for years, and I firmly believe both sides want to address this and move beyond it,” said Corker. “Let's pass a bill now that implements policies and reforms that put our country on a path to solvency and not some process-only bill that kicks the can down the road. It's time to address this critical issue and get it behind us so we can focus on ensuring the greatness of this country again.


Syrian LCC Breaks Support of Syrian National Council

By Jake Depew, Jefferson County Post Staff Writer

The Syrian National Council (SNC) has elected former spokesperson George Sabra as its president. The appointment was made on Friday, November 9, at a meeting in Doha, Qatar. The SNC has proved to be one of the primary opposition groups throughout the conflict in Syria. On the same day as the change in leadership, the Local Coordination Committees in Syria (LCC) has announced that it is breaking its direct support of the SNC. The LCC issued a written statement saying, “Several attempts have been made by the Local Coordination Committees in Syria to push the Syrian National Council and its leadership to adopt a serious and effective general reform plan so that the SNC can assume its role as a political representative of the great people of Syria. "It is clear to us now that the Syrian National Council is not fit to assume such a role, especially after the disappointing results of its restructure attempts.” Some members of the LCC have stated that they are remaining supporters of the SNC. Nonetheless, the loss of the LCC will prove to be a major blow to the SNC, as the LCC is responsible for the documentation and organization of a vast amount of the opposition’s actions. The SNC hopes that the change in leadership will prove to be a refreshing change of pace of pace to the organization’s current direction, as fighting in Syria escalates further. Following the most recent surge of fighting, as many as 11,000 Syrian citizens have fled into Turkey and Jordan. As many as 400,000 are registered or are awaiting registration as refugees, according to Ron Redmond, U.N. Human Rights council spokesperson. Future plans for the LCC are still unknown. Although the group pulled its support of the SNC, it is important to note that the group is still prominent in the opposition movement.

Dandridge Pursues Funding Options for Swannsylvania Fire Substation


The Swannslyvania community, which is a part of the Greater Dandridge Area, recently requested funding for a Fire Department Substation via the Dandridge Fire Department. The request for substation funding, at a level of $25,000 per year, was voted down by the Jefferson County Commission in a split vote. The Dandridge Volunteer Fire Department is currently serving the area and the request for County assistance came from Dandridge Fire Chief Riley. Though the issue of a substation was not approved for funding by the County Commission, the Town of Dandridge has not dismissed the idea. According to Town of Dandridge Administrator Bryan McCarter, the Town is supportive of the Dandridge Fire Department’s desire to see a substation in the Swannslyvania area and the possible eventuality of a substation in the direction of Piedmont. The Swannslyvania community has been pro active in locating a site for a substation and there is a great deal of community support for the project. McCarter stated that Dandridge is looking at funding options to make the substation a reality. The challenge is in funding that does not included city funds, as the area is outside the Town of Dandridge City limits and residents in the area do not pay city taxes. The Dandridge Fire Department supports the Greater Dandridge Area and a large portion of the calls answered by the Department are outside the city limits. According to McCarter, the Town of Dandridge is willing to commit some large scale equipment to the project and there is man power to man a substation without depleting the Dandridge Main Station. The Town will look closely at addressing the issue after the beginning of the year, with or without commitment of County funds, and hopes to find a funding avenue that is palatable to both the Town of Dandridge and the Swannslyvania community.




On Saturday, November 17th, “Ham” radio operators in Jefferson County will test their emergency communications skills and capabilities during a three hour Simulated Emergency Test (SET).The annual exercise, administered by the American Radio Relay League (ARRL), is organized and conducted by JCARES (Jefferson County Amateur Radio Emergency Service) and is designed to identify strengths and weaknesses in managing voice and digital communications. In addition, the exercise helps radio operators gain experience in communications using standard operating procedures as well as a variety of methods under simulated emergency conditions including loss of electric power.

All FCC licensed radio operators (there are over 180 in Jefferson County!) are invited to participate in this year’s test. Non-JCARES members should pre-register by sending an e-mail to: w4dod@arrl.net or by calling (865)-437-9955.


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