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Dandridge, Tennessee

May 23, 2011


A thirteen year journey came to completion on Saturday morning, May 21, 2011, as the Class of 2011 became graduates of Jefferson County High School. The Class of 2011 gathered at the Expo center for the 10am ceremony. The class elected student representatives to speak at commencement. Katie Bloomfield and Amber Marks addressed their class mates and reminded them to be fearless and engage themselves in life. 

Principal Walker gave his first graduation address as the Principal of Jefferson County High School. He congratulated the parents and students on their accomplishments. Walker told the Class of 2011 to take chances and reach for things that they may fear is beyond their grasp. The 500 plus graduates received their diplomas and, with a turning of the tassel and tossing of the hat, exited Jefferson County High School. 

Jefferson County School Board Called Meeting

The Jefferson County School Board met Thursday, May 19,2011, for a called meeting. The meeting was held at the Jefferson County High School Media Center at 5pm. The purpose of the meeting was to approve the 2011-2012 school budget. The budget was due at the budget committee a few days prior to the school board meeting, however it was incomplete and had not been approved by the school board. The Jefferson County Budget Committee will convene on May 26,2011 for review of the final Jefferson County School Budget.

Chairman of the School Board Potts called the meeting to order.

Director of Schools Charles Edmonds presented the school board with information on the 2011-2012 budget. Chairman Potts and Board Member Phagan requested the present amended budget to compare line item increases with the proposed budget. Edmonds did not have the amended budget available. Central Office Department Heads appeared before the Board to itemize increases in certain line items. Several line items were unexplained , as the Department Heads could not provide the information needed. The Board was also concerned that no revenues were available.

Edmonds stated that there was a difference in last years budget and this years proposal, however he still had not located part of the discrepancies. The School Board requested the present years amended budget be made available, as well as revenue information. They did not vote on the budget proposal, as it was incomplete. 

In other action, Board Member Bradley proposed a $500 teacher salary increase be included in the budget proposal. Board Member Jarnigan proposed that a one time 3% bonus be given to non certified personnel. He requested that the amount be taken from the fund balance. 

The School Board will meet on Tuesday, May 24, 2011 in an effort to pass the School Budget before the budget committee meeting on Thursday.

The Board heard from Dr. Clampitt, who has been assisting with teacher compensation. Clampitt, Edmonds and Phagan met to discuss the proposal that Clampitt had presented at the last board meeting. 

The meeting was Adjourned.

Mayor Palmieri Calls for Joint Meeting
Information on HMA Acquisition of Jefferson Memorial Hospital 

Jefferson County Mayor Alan Palmieri has requested a joint meeting of the legislatives bodies of Jefferson County and Jefferson City to hear information from Health Management Associates, regarding the offer to acquire St. Mary’s Jefferson Memorial Hospital. Health Management Associate (HMA) will introduce their company and provide preliminary information. The Hospital is a joint venture of Jefferson County, Jefferson City and St. Mary’s. As such, any acquisition would require the support of the County Commission and the Jefferson City Council. Palmieri also requested that the mayors and council members from each municipality attend, because any change in the hospital will affect their citizens. The general public is encouraged to attend, and the hope is to gain some insight into the HMA vision for Jefferson Memorial Hospital. There will be a time limit of one and one half hours for the presentation. No official action will be taken at the meeting and the meeting will be in presentation form-no questions will be taken at this meeting. The meeting is designed to give the public and the voting bodies a overview, however there will be time for a more in dept look at HMA, as the specifics of the acquisition become available. 

St. Mary’s is a non profit hospital group, while HMA is a for profit company. Several questions about sales tax for a for profit, as well as changes to the current hospital services will need to be addressed.

Jefferson City Mayor Potts stated that while it is to early to make a value judgment, he is encouraged by the research that he has done on HMA. They appear to be good corporate and community partners. Mayor Potts has a working knowledge of the health care industry and considers the level of care that is available to the citizens of Jefferson City and Jefferson County the number one priority. He is interested in the professionals that are employed at the hospital, although historically HMA has expanded their job base. The sales tax that a for profit hospital would generate would be a boon for Jefferson City and Jefferson County. However, Mayor Potts wants to make sure that service are not cost prohibitive to citizens. He is looking forward to the informational meeting and encourages the public to attend. He stated that he feels good about HMA, and time will tell if they are the right fit for Jefferson City and Jefferson County.

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