May 21, 2012

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Jefferson County High School Freshman
Keegan Tucker Wins National Championship in Forensics
Staff Photo / L-R / Parents Robert & Kara Tucker, Forensics Coach Bryan McCampbell / Keegan Tucker

Jefferson County High School Freshman Keegan Tucker has just returned from California and his suitcase was significantly heavier on the trip home, thanks to the addition of a National Championship trophy in Forensics. The JCHS Forensics Team is highly decorated and has a reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the world of high school forensics, but even among that level of success Keeganís recent win stands out as spectacular. What is even more astounding is that the National Champion almost didnít make the team. According to team Coach Bryan McCampbell, Keeganís tryout was less than stellar. As the lead in his 8th grade play, Keeganís talent was apparent. That talent, however, didnít shine at auditions and Tucker barely scooted onto the team. It was at that point that Coach McCampbell was introduced to what is perhaps Keeganís most notable trait, his drive to succeed. He set out to prove to his coach and his team that he was worthy of his place on the JCHS Forensics Team and that he would be a skilled competitor. During his first competition, Keegan advanced to the semi finals and his coach took note of his improvement. Coach McCampbell said that within a week of that competition, Keeganís performance was almost unrecognizable and from there on out it was apparent that Tucker possessed real talent. Beyond looking for pieces for his own performances in competition, Keegan searches for works that fit the talents of his teammates. This year he has been performing a duo piece with partner Anna Lee Hawkins. Hawkins, also a freshman, and Tucker joined Senior teammates Stephen Marcus and Taylor Jackson in the trip to Nationals in California. Anna and Keegan just missed the cut for the semi finals. It was that miss that allowed Tucker the opportunity to compete in the individual event of Storytelling. He performed the piece The Legend of Lightening Larry by Aaron Shepard and was deemed 1st place by every judge. Out of 72 competing schools across the Nation, Jefferson County High School placed sixth in their division and in the top 15 overall. Coach McCampbell said that Keegan contributed half of the points that comprised the team score. Beyond a trophy, he won a $16,000 scholarship to Gustaveus which boasts a strong fine arts program. Though he is still several years away from college, Keegan is looking for a Forensics Scholarship and Western Kentucky is on his short list. An honor student, a member of Patriot Singers and a JCHS Wrestler, Tucker has a lot on his plate during the school year. Forensics is a year round sport and he will attend a couple of summer camps this year as well. Keegan has the distinction of being the 1st National Champion that Tennessee has produced in the NIETOC organization and his placement has bought him a bye in next yearís competition. Keegan plans to put his drive to succeed to good use and focus on branching out to other categories of competition. After landing such an incredible win his first year in high school, some students would be reveling in the victory but not Keegan. He is busy plotting, planning and practicing for the next challenge. The talent and drive to be the best he can be paid off well. Keegan Tucker begins his first reign as National Champion and has made Jefferson County High School the home of the best of the best.

Staff Photo / White Pine Glee Club

White Pine students celebrated the coming of the much anticipated last week of school with annual day and a performance from the Schoolís Glee Club. The students and faculty were serenaded by the club following lunch on Friday, in a kick off to the final few days of a long year. White Pine will host its Night of the Stars on Monday and Tuesday, where the showcase of talented performers will continue to light up the stage!

Staff Photo / Friends of the Library Book Sale
Friends Of The Library

The active Jefferson City organization Friends of the Library hosted their annual book sale last week at the Jefferson City Community Center. All genres of books were available for purchase at outstanding prices. The annual event is used to generate funds for the Jefferson City Library Project and provides a wonderful way for locals to pick up a good book and contribute to a good cause with one stop shopping!

Undergrad Honors Day at JCHS
Staff Photo

Jefferson County High School hosted underclassman Honors Day on Friday. The event is designed to showcase the academic and special area talents of Jefferson County students in grades 9-12. Students who are receiving an award or who are on the honor roll are invited to participate in the ceremony. This year there is a long list of students who were recognized for their talents, academic performance and commitment to excellence.

Undergraduate Students of The Year / Back Row - Kyle W. Briggs, Corey L. Jenkins, Matthew R. Rogers / Front - Brook L. Taylor, Lauren T. Stansberry, Gracelyn M. Linsley
Program Narrators / L-R / Anna Taylor, Chelsie Owens, Katie Inman, Neviah Lewis, Elizabeth Lane
2012 Undergraduate Honorees ~ Congratulations!!
Mackenzie L. Ailey James W. Moyers Dustin M. Chambers Lauren T. Stansberry Jaxson T. Haynes
Albert M. Johnson Kiara L. Moyers Justin A. Chambers Tanner L. Stepp Madison M. Helman
Azlinn H. Alder Oscar A. Munguia Brett A. Clay Bailey B. Stoddard Troy J. Hensley
Samantha L. Anderson Erin H. Murray Allison A. Coffey Alexandra M. Strong Rachel E. Hickle
Patricia J. Arrington Austin T. Musick Shelby R. Colton Caitlin M. Stroud Alexis B. Hill
David A. Bacon NARCISE, ALEXIS F Jacinda S. Conner Alexis T. Stumbo Deven C. Hills
Charlene F. Basinger Nicole A. Naylor Lauryn A. Costilow Jared A. Supernant Blake E. Hixson
Charlotte G. Bateman NEWSOM, KAESHA M Lea R. Covington Montay D. Sutton Aaron A. Hodge
Savannah A. Beach Breanna K. O'Mary Todd A. Cummings Clint A. Svoboda Tyler C. Hubbard
Whitney D. Beeler Sierra M. O'Neil Jacob M. Cureton Morgan M. Tate Simeon M. Huff
Jansen C. Berg Jennifer A. Orna William B. Cusick Jeremy O. Taylor HURST, AUSTIN R
Brittani N. Bible Richard W. Orose Anthony T. Dalton TEW, HOLLY A Joey N. Jennings
Jennifer N. Bible Kiefer P. O'Toole DANIELS, ERIC M Haley L. Thomas Jose J. Jimenez
Jaime Blanco OWNBY, DAMON L Lauryn C. Davis Rachel K. Tignor Kyle J. Johnson
Mason K. Blazer Faith E. Parker Caleb T. Denton Elizabeth R. Tolson Haley N. King
Kyle Bow Aaron M. Parsons Karalyn H. Denton Ashton A. Tomkosky William D. Kinnick
Shaelynn A. Boyle Hunter C. Parton Tiffany B. Denton Krista L. Trent Lucas S. Kirkpatrick
Hannah L. Bradley Alex M. Porter Makayla E. Doane Briana D. Trull Rebekah E. Kitts
Krystal R. Britton Adrian L. Pruitt Cameron A. Dockins Mckenzie K. Tucker Alexander M. Kowalski
Austin D. Brooks Joshua T. Reagon Autumn N. Dodson Tyler S. Underwood Malik J. Kyle
Houston T. Brooks Hezekiah C. Rebeiz Sean D. Dunlop VANCE, RONNETTA L Sunny L. Landon
Brailan M. Brown Mariah A. Reliford Lucas S. Edwards VARGAS, JOCELYN Chloe L. Lane
Lydia J. Brown William D. Richards Kirstin A. Eldridge Tazzmyn S. Vaughn Abby N. Lawson
Zackary P. Brown Ally G. Richey Megan N. Espy Caroline M. Vines Lauren T. Leach
Lindsay B. Burnett Kaitlyn L. Rimmer Caitlin N. Farley Isaac W. Watkins Kaitlyn M. Leatherwood
Allyson B. Capps Allyson K. Rines Kati D. Fawbush Kenneth M. Watson Joshua S. Lee
Ashley D. Carrier Holli L. Roderick Christopher R. Ferguson WELKER, WILSON R Jaime J. Librado
Austin R. Carrier Araceli S. Rodriguez Sarah E. Fields Whitney A. Wells Jacob D. Lindsay
Tressa K. Carroll Jenna F. Rogers Hemi J. Fordham Brandy M. West Brady H. Lindsey
Benjamin J. Cate Matthew R. Rogers Benjamin A. Franklin Samantha P. Whitt Kaitlyn H. Lowe
Morgan E. Chambers Sarah E. Rose Samantha J. Franklin Tori A. Wilkin Danielle R. Luczak
Chase R. Cherry Jack C. Rudolph Allison N. Gantte Zachary K. Williford Mercedes L. Luttrell
Justin A. Childress Joseph A. Rush Luis F. Garcia Trishtian B. Workman Phillip A. Lyle
Taylor R. Christian Brandon S. Russell Kelsey P. Gilmer Sierra H. Wright James-Arden S. Mangrum
Cory W. Clabough Haylee E. Russell GILMER, LOGAN R Steve S. Wright Derek A. Masoner
Morgan T. Clifton Lindsey B. Rutherford Tiffani P. Gourley Brittany N. Young Caleb E. Maxey
Victoria J. Cochran Kimberly R. Sands Hannah E. Green Brianne M. Zacchini Brittany M. McAlister
Chesney B. Coffey Summer N. Sartain Ian A. Greer Gui Xin Zhang Steven M. McCoy
Tabitha K. Coffey Kiandra J. Schaefer Tayla M. Griffin Aaron C. Reed Anthony T. McGhee
Hannah E. Cogdill Alexander P. Schuchart Aubrey E. Grisham Jordan C. Alexander Adan S. McMahon
Alyson L. Collier Christian T. Scott Jade G. Grossman Gabrielle M. Amyx Cheyanne D. Mendez
Hallie S. Colvett Gabrielle F. Sellars Kaitlynne D. Grubaugh Kristin S. Anders Jessica R. Michael
Richard L. Conner Jackson L. Shannon HANEY, HERBERT E Joseph E. Bailey Logan G. Miller
Joshua S. Costner Katelin M. Sharp Alexander K. Harlan Destiny E. Bales Shania A. Moody
Kourtnee L. Crawford Kimberly N. Shaver Taylor R. Harper BALLARD, ANTHONY C Jarret H. Moser
Ashley M. Creech Amelia D. Sherfield Zackary A. Hawks Brittany N. Barbee MOTSINGER, MARISA F
Megan E. Creel Bobbie J. Sherrod Summer L. Hayes Brittany C. Batson Maria R. Moyers
Socorro E. Cruz-Rubio Jaewon Shim Megan I. Haynes Andrea M. Belcher Silver Munguia
James M. Dalton Zarina M. Shipley Farrah B. Hodge Dillon J. Berg Emme T. Mutterspaugh
Patrick P. Darby Victoria M. Shockley John L. Holbert Anthony J. Bingert Deven A. Myers
Joshua M. Davis SIMMS, MICHAEL J Susan M. Horner Brandon J. Bingle Hannah M. Oakes
Taylor A. Dennis Katelyn G. Sipple Adam C. Houk Rachel L. Blalock Leslie A. Odom
Kristiana L. Devereaux Ian T. Slagle Andrew T. Houk Rachel P. Blankenship Taylor V. O'Neal
Jason M. Dinsmore SMITH, STEVEN D John T. Housley Austin D. Blomdahl Savanah A. Orr
Samantha L. Doyle Tanzi B. Solomon Zachary B. Hubard Caleb J. Bodine OWENS, ROBERT E
Geneva L. Duignan Sarah C. Spradlin HUBBARD, EMILY L Chad M. Bohannon Caleb S. Parker
Shelby L. Dukes Autumn B. Stallings Bailey D. Huggins Kayla M. Bowers Leslie A. Parker
Karie S. Duncan Abbigail E. Stidham HUTCHENS, HANNAH R Haley N. Branch Jordan A. Parrott
Lauren E. Farr Abbey M. Stiles Katelyn A. Inman Kyle W. Briggs Casimir M. Paschall
Joshua E. Ford Casey H. Stinnett Trevor R. Jeans Brittany N. Barbee PATEL, DHARA D
Katelyn M. Foster Tiffany K. Stockwell Corey L. Jenkins Elizabeth A. Brogan Shaver L. Phagan
Victoria D. Fraley Jessica T. Stout Bradley W. Johnson Jackson T. Brooks Austin H. Phillips
Hayden J. Fritz STRINGFELLOW, CALEB L Dustin A. Johnson Hannah G. Brooks Lauryn E. Proffitt
Adrianna E. Fultz Antoinette I. Sturniolo JOHNSON, LILLIAN L Sydney G. Brown Hailey A. Prosise
Brooklin P. Garber Samantha L. Sutton Alex W. Kelly Dayna S. Brumfield Kyle S. Pullen
Charlene D. Garner Jacob T. Talley KHIEL, CHARLES E Lucas D. Bryant Jacob T. Rex
Brandon C. Givens Dalton M. Tallon Mckenzie G. Koors John R. Bryant Morgan B. Ridenour
Gavin A. Glenn Anthony E. Taylor Tiffany A. Landreth Tylor R. Burchfield Hunter J. Roberts
Jessica L. Grace Alyse D. Taylor Jessica I. Lane Brooke M. Burchfield Paul D. Robinson
Johnathan E. Green Anna N. Taylor Winston R. Large Madison S. Burnett Chasity M. Rodriguez
Aaron S. Greene Joseph R. Taylor Heather A. Leese Savannah H. Burns ROGERS, THOMAS M
Michael C. Hackney Ryan Z. Taylor Samuel B. Lemay Taylor L. Butler Cory R. Royster
Cassidy M. Halbig Michael S. Terrell Jamere M. Lewis Raven M. Butler Sydney S. Ruggles
Brandt W. Hamby THOMPSON, KAYLA M Katie J. Lewis Samuel J. Byrd Lora K. Satterfield
Michael E. Hammer Mason K. Thornton Madeline G. Lindsey Savannah P. Cameron Justin S. Saylor
Joshua D. Haney Sarah E. Tignor Charlsey F. Livesay Abigail V. Cate Rachelle A. Scales
Abigayle E. Hankins Matthew A. Tolliver Mckenna G. Loges Tobie J. Celino Jasmine M. Scarbrough
Nicholas W. Harmon Whitney B. Varney Kennedy T. Loveday Shawna A. Chambers Fiona E. Scruggs
Elizabeth A. Harrell Kasey B. Vaughn Heather C. Lowery CHILDS, HUNTER W Katie L. Seale
Autumn N. Harrison Kelbin D. Vaughn Evan M. Loy Andrew S. Cirimele Wade L. Seifert
Kori K. Helton Emily M. Vest LYNN, CHELSIE L Madison B. Coffey December R. Sherrod
Nicklaus P. Henry James M. Vines Britani S. Malone Crystal D. Coffey Samuell D. Silver
Matthew L. Henson Jessica F. Walker Allison M. Manley Lauren N. Collins Slade A. Byrd
Donovan A. Hernandez Jillian R. Walker MARABLE, TAYLOR N Sara E. Collins Somer J. Smith
Grayson M. Hester Ruby M. Wallen Caleb A. Marcus Sandra S. Colyer Pamela G. Smith
Michalla D. Hickey Caleb J. Watson Daniel C. McCoy Cheyenne V. Conway Ethan C. Snyder
Randi N. Hill Cinja A. Webster Tiffany A. McDonald CRICHTON, CODY A Ashley M. Solis
Isaac J. Hillard WEST, SARAH M Jesse R. McGaha Carlie M. Damron Spencer D. Gregg
Brandon S. Hobbs Heather B. White Emilie C. McGhee DANIELS, PATRICK T Hannah B. Stacy
Emmalee A. Holt Allen S. Whitt Shawntela N. McGrigg DAVISON, ANDREW A David A. Stidham
Aliegha P. Hoop Emily E. Whittymore MERRIMAN, TYLER E Tasha N. Deese Jennifer L. Stubblefield
John M. Hossler Brandy L. Wiest Jade V. Merritt Iris M. Devault Deanna L. Stump
Harley A. Howard Luke T. Wiggins Amber G. Miller Eli S. Devotie Charleigh A. Sturniolo
Sydnee L. Humbard Alexus B. Wilhite Autumn R. Miller Kymber L. Dillman SUNBEAR, JONATHAN M
Jordan T. Humler Emily K. Williams Michaela L. Mills Dalen T. Dockery Payne G. Susong
Rexxford D. Hurley Leah G. Wilson Julie N. Minton Cera L. Dominicis Kaleb R. Tate
Tyler D. Hutsell Rebecca M. Wolfe Enrique C. Molinar Hunter L. Donahoo Ashley D. Taylor
Grayson S. Inman Patrick A. Wood Cynthia A. Moore Rachael L. Doyle Brooke L. Taylor
Justin S. James Richi A. Worboys Kory R. Moore Peyton Q. Drummer Meghan M. Taylor
Lindsey C. Jett Alyssa B. Zepeda Nathan W. Morgan Bree A. Eccles Hannah M. Taylor
Decoda J. Jinks Xianjie Zhang Mikayla R. Morie Summer S. Edmonds TAYLOR, CHERISH T
Autumn L. Johnson Codi L. Adams Dillon P. Moyers Katlin J. Elder Emily R. Terrell
Ashlyn V. Jones Joshua T. Adams Taylor L. Mundelein Kayla H. Eldridge Hannah M. Thomas
Kayla M. Jones Kendra B. Adams Dillon C. Murphy Amy S. Escobar Piper M. Thomason
Hannah M. Jordan Jessica B. Aldredge Rachel D. Neal Erin A. Essington Kaylyn E. Tice
Samantha R. Keiser Jocelyn J. Allen Hannah L. Newman Harper D. Feltner Jax T. Tolzmann
Erica L. Koschmider Andrea M. Amburn Clayton A. Newport Sheri R. Ferguson Janelle Torquemada
Kevin A. La Amanda E. Anderson Desiree D. Nipper Isaac E. Fields Eleanor H. Trent
Monica A. Lane Jantzen M. Ashby Matthew T. Oakes Joanna M. Ford Trevor A. Gentry
Brandon W. Leonard Kaitlyn D. Atchley Brian L. Owens Jacob B. French Keegan S. Tucker
Vincent W. Leuch Rocio J. Avila-Olguin Michael J. Pack Janie L. Gambrel TUCKER, MACYAH A
Abby N. Lewis Morgan M. Bales Sun-Jae E. Park John M. Garber Mackenna P. Vaughn
Neriah S. Lewis Caroline C. Ballinger Stacie A. Parker Edward L. Gass WADDLE, RYAN L
Irene I. Librado Hannah E. Barrett Heather M. Parrott Michaela D. Gentry WALKER, BRANDON J
Kaitlyn V. Linkous Katie L. Battle Christian S. Payne Summer M. Gentry Makenzi R. Wampler
Gracelyn M. Linsley Taylor R. Beagle Jillanne M. Potts Trevor A. Gentry Tao Wang
Matthew T. Livesay Kari A. Belew RECTOR, DYLAN H Leah G. Gibson Patrick S. Waters
Matthew S. Loope Chelsea B. Bell Kaitlyn E. Reed Rebekah L. Gladden Josiah J. Watson
LOWERY, KRISTEN M Brandon M. Bennett Jacqueline N. Richards Joseph D. Golden Marie E. Waxler
Amy E. Lutz BLEDSOE, LOGAN T Carly E. Richardson Emily S. Good Ashley N. Wehausen
Samantha K. Malone Joshua K. Bolinsky Sharon D. Rines Spencer D. Gregg Shayla R. West
Marcus A. Manning Gabrial M. Bostic Taylor C. Rines Kimberly L. Green Kayli B. Whittaker
Michael D. Marshall Stephen M. Boyette Makayla A. Roncarati Alexis R. Green Zane C. Williams
Renee A. Maynard Kieran M. Braun Kaitlyn N. Sands GRONEK, TRISTAN L Michelle L. Williams
Chase D. McGhee Rebekah D. Brown Corwin B. Schaefer Sarah C. Grossman Brandon Y. Wilmoth
Hayden C. McKinney Steven T. Browning SEAGLE, NIKKI L Johnathon D. Hale Tabatha N. Wilson
Emalie G. McMahon Taylor B. Bryant Youjung Shim William C. Hammer Jesse C. Woody
Trenton A. Meadows Janae C. Buckner Eric B. Smelcer Christopher J. Harrison Noah A. Yarnell
Brayden W. Milam Joshua V. Bunch Sarah E. Smith Casey M. Hartgrove Catherine M. Youkers
Alexandria R. Miller Tiana M. Burke Autumn J. Snelling Kelsey M. Haun Emily B. Yow
Candace M. Montgomery CALDERON, CLAUDIA N STACY, JACOB K Anna L. Hawkins Zachary A. Webb
Ralph R. Mooneyham CAMERON, BENJAMIN A Sarah A. Stallings Logan R. Hayes
Brooke L. Morris Steven G. Carroll
Brandon J. Chambers List Provided by Jefferson County High School

RUBY RUSSELL MANNING, age 91, of Dandridge, TN departed this life on Monday morning, May 14, 2012 following a lingering illness. She was preceded in death by her husband, Hobert Manning; parents, Humphrey and Ida Russell and a number of brothers and sisters. Survivors include daughter, Betty Dockery and husband, Herbert of Dandridge; son, Frank Manning and wife Betty of Clinton; granddaughter, Pam Dockery of Dandridge; grandsons, Steve Manning and wife Carol of Omaha, NE, Jeff Manning and wife Rebecca of Powell; four great-granddaughters, Jennifer Manning of Louisville, KY, Jessica Tucker of Clinton, Linda and Lydia Manning of Powell and four great-great grandchildren of Clinton. Graveside funeral service will be Wednesday, May 16, 2012, 2:00pm at Hills Union Cemetery with Rev. Dave Rosser officiating. Family will receive friends Tuesday evening from 5:00 to 7:00pm at FARRAR FUNERAL HOME, DANDRIDGE 865-397-2711

JAMES THOMAS WRIGHT, age 58, of Dandridge, TN and formerly of Maryland, passed away Sunday, May 13, 2012 at his home. He was a veteran of the U.S. Navy and was presently employed by the Deptartment of Labor. Survived by his wife of 21 years, Rose Gettys Wright; children, Joy Glancy and Ben Wright (Patricia Dodgson) (John Logan); grandchildren, Kyra Glancy and Ariana Wright; mother, Joyce Wright; sister, Lillian (Don) Brouillard and brother, Bill Wright; several nieces and nephews.
Funeral service will be Wednesday, May 16, 2012 at 7:00pm at Farrar Funeral Home Chapel with Rev. Troy Duncan officiating. Interment graveside service Thursday, 11:00am at French Broad Church of the Brethren Cemetery with Military Honors. Family will receive friends Wednesday evening from 5:00 to 7:00pm prior to services at FARRAR FUNERAL HOME, DANDRIDGE, TN 865-397-2711

DONNA LYNNE DEBORD, age 47, of White Pine, TN passed away suddenly at her home on Sunday, May 13, 2012. She was a member of the Leadvale Baptist Church. Preceded in death by her grandparents, Clarence and Kate Debord; grandmother, Minnie Allen. Survivors include her son, Dylan DeBord; parents, Don and Ruby DeBord; brother, Randall DeBord; grandfather, Rev. Noah Allen; 1 niece, 2 nephews and several aunts, uncles and cousins. Funeral service will be Wednesday, 7:00pm at Farrar Funeral Home Chapel with Rev. Tony Collins officiating. Interment graveside service Thursday, 11:00am at White Pine Cemetey. Family will receive friends Wednesday evening, 5:00 to 7:00pm prior to services at Farrar Funeral Home in White Pine. 865-674-2441

FRANCIS M. WHITE of White Pine passed away after a short illness. He is preceded in death by his parents, Mr and Mrs. Francis M. White, Sr. (Myrtle) and Katherine Woody Kyker; sister, Ada White Asher. Survived by his devoted wife of forty-five years, Dorothy W. White; daughter, April W. Barry and husband Mark of Euless, Texas; special granddaughter, Annika; sisters, Mrs. E. Dean Fancher, Beverly Coakley of Newport, Pat Seahorn and Jim of Dallas, Texas, Peggy Burnett of Bean Station and Betty W. Pace of Knoxville; brother, Jack Reynolds and Clara of Bybee; and aunt, Mary W. Phillips of Newport. Francis was a graduate of Cocke County High School and Andrew Jackson College of Business (Belmont) in Nashville. He was employed for 36 Ĺ years at American Enka (BASF) as an accountant. He was a member of First United Methodist Church of White Pine, where he served as a Sunday School Teacher for the Young Seniors Class and in other capacities as long as he was capable. He was a 50 year plus Mason and a member of VFW Post 5266. Mr. White was a WWII Veteran of the Army Air Corp 9th Air Force, serving his country in the European Theater of England, Germany, France and Scotland. One of his most favorite accomplishments was piloting and owning his own airplane. His personality was quiet and calm. He loved God, Man and Country. He beamed with joy when his precious daughterís family was around. His hobby was raising cattle and tilling soil on his family farm, all the while loving the smell of fresh mowed hay and turned soil. His special friends were J. C. Holt of Newport and Dale Overholt of Morristown. The family has requested that in lieu of flowers, memorial donations be made to: Honor Air Knoxville, 7536 Taggart Lane, Knoxville, TN 37938 or Smokey Mountain Home Health and Hospice, 222 Heritage Blvd, Newport, TN 37821. Family will receive friends on Wednesday, May 16, 2012 from 2-4:00pm and 5-7:30pm at First United Methodist Church of White Pine, with the funeral service to follow officiated by Rev. Mark McFadden. Military graveside Iiterment will be on Thursday, May 17, 2012 at 1:00pm in Jarnigan Cemetery. Farrar Funeral Home in White Pine is in charge of the arrangements. 865-674-2441

ANNE MARIE SCHIER, age 57, of Strawberry Plains, TN passed away on May 15, 2012 at her home. She was born in Bethesda Naval Hospital and resided in Fairfax County, Virginia until she moved to Strawberry Plains in 2005. She was a very loving and devoted wife and mother. Preceded by parents, John Phillip Sousa Strain and Delores Marie Quirk Strain. Survived by daughter, Tammy Marie Carroll; brothers and sisters-in-law, Mike K. and Linda Strain, John J. and Lee-Ann Strain, James P. and Cheryle Strain, Steve F. Strain, Robert C. and Jennifer Strain and their children, Christopher, Jessica and Robert Phillip; grandchildren, William P. Bynum and Miyah K. Schier; loving friends, Donna Quick, Lynn Bailey, Kate Riley, Sylvia McCormick, Jim McCormick and Joe Lucas, nieces and husbands, Melissa and Len, Melody and Greg, Monica and Doug; and all of her friends she made through her chat rooms and internet; special life partner and soul mate, Tony Riley, who worshipped and loved her without any reservations. The family will hold a memorial service. ARRANGEMENTS BY FARRAR FUNERAL HOME IN JEFFERSON CITY, TN 865-475-3892

SANDRA GREGG CHAMBERS of Dandridge, TN passed away Thursday, May 17, 2012 in New Mexico. Funeral service will be 2:00 p.m. Sunday, May 20, 2012 at Farrar Funeral Home, Dandridge. Interment will follow in Balch Cemetery. Arrangements by Farrar Funeral Home Dandridge, TN (865) 397-2711

DAVID LYLE JOHNSON, age 50, of Jefferson City, TN passed away Friday, May 18, 2012 at Jefferson Memorial Hospital. Preceded in death by father, James Paul Johnson. He was of the Baptist faith. Survived by mother, Mae Johnson; brothers and sisters, Pauline (Jr.) McCurry, Madine (Greg) Rutherford, James (Linda) Johnson, Lois Johnson, Rickey Johnson and Eddie Johnson; nieces and nephews, Jessica Rutherford, Susie Johnson, Mitchell Johnson and Crystal Johnson; great niece, Zoie Johnson. Funeral service will be 7:00 p.m. Sunday, May 20, 2012 at Farrar Funeral Home, Jefferson City with Rev. Kenny Boling officiating. Family and friends will gather at 10:00 a.m. Monday, May 21, 2012 at the funeral home to proceed to Jefferson Memorial Gardens for an 11:00 a.m. graveside interment service. The family will receive friends 5:00 until 7:00 p.m. Sunday prior to the service at the funeral home. Arrangements by Farrar Funeral Home in Jefferson City, TN (865) 475-3892

SAMUEL NELSON REIGHARD, 92, passed away on May 17, 2012 at home. He went home to be with his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He was a devoted husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather. He was a member of Our Savior Lutheran Church in Morristown since moving to the White Pine area in 1987. He was a retired free lance artist and Technical Illustrator. He was born in 1920 and lived his early years in Evans City, Pa. He joined the Army Air Corps to serve his country during WWII. In 1942 he was positioned as a Crew Chief to the 40th Fighter Squadron. His tour included the South Pacific, New Guinea, and Port Moresby, Australia. Sam illustrated 16 books with Charles E. Merrill publishing. He and his late wife Lois were married for 59 years. Survivors include 4 children, Bill Reighard and wife Sue of Knoxville, TN; Richard Reighard and wife Shelia of Blacksburg, VA; Bruce Reighard and wife Shirley of Alpharetta, GA; and Cheryl Poff and husband Mike of Greenback, TN; 11 grandchildren: Lindsey Brick; Taylor Reighard; Lindsey Strickland and husband Daniel; Julia Reighard; Tara Reighard; Melissa Reighard; Michael Reighard; Chris Reighard; Jeremy Poff; Elizabeth Poff; Bethany Poff; and 4 great grandchildren: Hayden Reighard; Kane Reighard; Addie Strickland; Carter Strickland. Visitation will be at the Farrar Funeral Home in White Pine on Sunday, May 20, 2012 from 5 to 7 pm. Funeral services will be held at 10am Monday, May 21, 2012 at Our Savior Lutheran Church in Morristown with Rev John Freitag and Rev Gordon Smith officiating. A Military Internment will follow at Seahorns Chapel Cemetery in Dandridge. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to HonorAir of Knoxville,, or Mail to: 7536 Taggert Lane, Knoxville, TN 37938 Arrangements By Farrar Funeral Home in White Pine

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