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Dandridge, Tennessee

May 07, 2012

Douglas Lake Challenge Won by Jeremy Starks
Staff Photo / Jefferson County Mayor, Alan Palmieri - Press Conference
Jefferson County Mayor Palmieri
Hard Evidence Commission and DOE Aware of Davis-Bacon Requirements

Jefferson County Mayor Alan Palmieri held a Press Conference on Thursday, May 3, 2012 in the Historic Jefferson County Courthouse. Mayor Palmieri addressed the focus of the Press Conference as a means to deliver his position regarding his signature on County issued bonds intended for the renovation of Jefferson County High School and to address concerns about the chain of information regarding the Davis Bacon wage requirement, which was the topic of discussion at the last Jefferson County Commission meeting.

The Mayor provided video minutes from the September 10, 2010 meeting of the Jefferson County

Mayor Legally Bound Not To Sign Bonds

Commission as evidence that the Commission, as well as Finance Office Administration, Director of Schools Edmonds, Chairman of the School Board Potts, County Financial Advisor Ayers and others in attendance, were aware of the conditions and obligations associated with the Build America Bonds. The Bonds were used in recent funding of the new Freshman Academy. It came to light in the April County Commission meeting that the County is not in compliance with the David Bacon wage act and it will cost an additional $700,000 to meet that obligation. Information about the non compliance was brought before the Commission by Director of Schools Edmonds. In discussion that followed, members of the Commission questioned the break in the chain of information that allowed for the oversight. In Thursdayís address, Mayor Palmieri contended that there was no misinformation and deliberate cover up. He stated that the requirements of the Davis Bacon Act were well known and had been addressed at length with all parties involved. In the video minutes, both former Jefferson County Finance Director Long and County Financial Planner Ayers addressed the stipulations of the Build America Bonds and the requirement of the Davis Bacon Act. Mayor Palmieri

stated that a lack of continuity in the system, with multiple governmental bodies and elected officials moving in and out of the system, contributed to the breakdown. He defined the current system as cumbersome and stated that the individual governmental bodies should concern themselves with fulfilling their scope of responsibilities, rather than crossing into territories outside their responsibility zone. Mayor Palmieri stated that the County cannot move back in time and must move forward. He said that the funding mechanism for projects should be the responsibility of the Finance Office and their advisors, rather than the Commission. Eight clips were presented to collaboration Palmieri's position that the Davis Bacon requirement was public knowledge.

The Mayor also addressed his required signature on the bond documents needed to fund the renovation of Jefferson County High School. He stated that he is not inclined to sign the bond documents for a variety of reason. Mayor Palmieri listed 16 reasons that he does not feel that he can compromise on the bond documents, including concerns about the amount of debt that the County will incur if the bonds are signed and the probability of a tax increase in the near future to pay for other needs in the County due to the commitment of a large school debt. He also alleged that the School Board had not exhibited sound fiscal judgment with previously allocated funds and that the relationship between the County Commission and the School Board is not one of cooperation. He questioned the ethics of the vote and suggested that a moral conflict of interest could have had an impact on the vote to renovate.

The Mayor provided a copy of the Signature and No Litigation Certificate that he is required to sign for the issuance of Bonds. He stated that he would not purger himself and sign that he has no knowledge that litigation is pending or belief that litigation has been threatened in the sale of the Bonds. Mayor Palmieri stated that he has been officially informed that litigation is not only possible, but probable by the Budget Committee Chairman, members of the Commission and independent residents of the County, should the Bonds be issued. Bonds cannot be issued if there is reasonable reason to suggest that the action will be answered by legal action, as it is not a safe investment of funds.

Mayor Palmieri concluded that it is the responsibility of those in the positions of responsibility to leave the County in better shape than they found it for those that follow. He stated that the cooperation of the County Commission and the School Board, as well as other departments, is necessary for the future of Jefferson County. The Mayor said that it was his responsibility to consider the County as a whole unit, rather than to lobby for individual departments or interests and that it is his intention to act for the betterment of Jefferson County.
Jefferson County Post Staff Photographer / Winner of Bassmasters Elite Series Douglas Lake Challenge / Jeremy Starks

Mother's Day Celebrated in over 40 Countries World Wide


Jefferson County residents will celebrate Motherís Day on May 13, 2012.  Motherís Day is traditionally considered a time when children acknowledge their appreciation of their Mother. The very inception of the United Stateís Motherís Day was in honor of Anna Jarvisí Mother.  Jarvis wanted to make her Motherís dream of a day to celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of Mothers everywhere a reality.  She tried for several years to instigate the holiday and finally, with the assistance of a wealthy business man, found success in establishing a Motherís Day.  President Wilson made the holiday official in 1914, though it had been celebrated in Jarvisí Motherís church, a Methodist church in West Virginia, and another church in Pennsylvania since 1908. On the first Motherís Day celebration in 1908, Jarvis arranged for attendees to receive a white carnation, her Motherís favorite flower. From that gift, the tradition of wearing white flower in memory of a deceased Mother and a red flower in honor of a living Mother was born.  Interestingly, Anna Jarvis eventually opposed Motherís Day calling it commercialized by the flower industry.  She attempted to stop the commercialism by copy writing the name, however the holiday had become too entrenched in the American culture to make any difference.  She did manage to alter a postage stamp that carried the likeness of her Mother, with a carnation and the words Motherís Day.  The Postal Service removed the words Motherís Day but the image and flowers remained. Jarvis died in 1948, destitute.  The Florist Exchange had, unbeknown to Jarvis, paid for her care during the last years of her life.  Today, Motherís Day is celebrated in some form in more than 40 Countries in the World. In the United States it is celebrated by the giving of small gifts, greeting cards and flowers.


Sunday Final Weigh-In at Douglas Lake Challenge

Jefferson County Post Staff Photographer


The Bass Master Elite Series Douglas Lake Challenge came to a conclusion on Sunday, May 6, 2012 when Jeremy Starks of Charleston, West Virginia, took home the big prize. Starks was one of twelve anglers that made it to Sundayís final round.  Starks entered the water on the final day running second but managed to pull in 22.5 pounds to edge out his competition and end the four day run with an impressive 81.2 pounds of Douglas Lake Bass. Randy Howell, of Springfield, Alabama, came in 5th over all but had the high catch of the day honors with a 6.2 pounder and a daily total of 23.3 pounds. East Tennessee native Ott DeFoe made the home crowd proud as he took seventh place over all and ended the tournament with a total weight of 69.12 pounds. This is Starksí 2nd time to take the top prize in the Bass Master Elite Series and his 31st time to be in the money.

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