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Dandridge, Tennessee

March 28, 2011

Lincoln-Reagan Day Dinner
Stokley Cafeteria on Carson-Newman Campus
The Grand Old Party was well represented Friday evening, March 25, 2011, as the Jefferson County Republicans hosted their annual Lincoln-Reagan Day Dinner at Stokley Cafeteria on Carson-Newman Campus. 
Governor Bill Haslam gave the evenings address to a crowded room. Jefferson County Republican Party Chairman Beau R. Tucker opened the program. Tucker stated that he was pleased to see a sell-out crowd on a non-election year. The Invocation was given by Reverend Doug Wilder.
Young Republican Chairman Landon Sanders lead the Pledge of Allegiance and Alley Richie – a Jefferson County High School Patriot Singer – sang the National Anthem. Music was provided by the Patriot singers band. 
Tucker introduced local officials and guests, including several elected County Officials. He also thanked previous Chair Vickie Forgety for her hard work and contributions to the GOP. 
Mrs. Barbara McAndrew & Governor Bill Haslam
State Representative Frank Niceley, State Senator Mike Faulk, US Representative Chuck Fleischmann and US Representative Phil Roe all addressed the audience and expressed gratitude at the activism within the Republican Party.
Governor Haslam also expressed his gratitude for the support of Jefferson County Republican Party. He stated that although the state is operating with a smaller budget than last year, the state is on track and has made progress in attaining smaller government and better education goals. Haslam presented Mrs. Barbara McAndrew with the Lifetime Achievement Award. Governor Haslam praised McAndrew for her dedication to local, state and national politics, and her unwavering support of the Republican Party.
John Schmidt was awarded Young Republican of the Year. The Barbara McAndrew Award was bestowed on Paula Rugal Gibson. Mayor Alan Palmieri was the recipient of the Elmer Franklin Award. Holbart Rice was deemed Republican of the Year. Beau Tucker was also honored for his dedication to the Young Republican Party and the Jefferson County Republicans.
The Jefferson County Republican Party Executive Committee includes Beau Tucker, Linda Larson, David Oatney, Travis Adderhold, Marie Johnston, Robert Blevins, Frank Cosentino, Landon Sanders, Betty Fain, Holbart Rice and Jennifer Little.

Jefferson County Commission
No Beer - No Taxes - No Trains
Jefferson County Commission held their regular monthly session on Monday, March 21, 2011 (6:30pm), at the historic Jefferson County Courthouse. Commission Chairman Marty Mills called the meeting to order.
The Agenda and Minutes of the January regular meeting and February Special Called Meeting were unanimously approved.
Citizens (3) spoke against Sunday Beer Sales. All were representing local religious organizations. 
Four members of the Jefferson County Tomorrow group spoke against the Intermodal Rail Project proposed for New Market. All expressed frustration at the lack of the availability of information.
One citizen asked that the commission considered upgrading technology used during meetings.
After the appearance of citizens, Commissioner Scarlett moved to ask the Public Service Committee to request information regarding cost analysis / benefit (New Market Intermodal) in reference to the infrastructure from all interested and informed parties (TDOT, Chamber of Commerce, Norfolk Southern). The motion passed unanimously.
Commissioner Robert Tucker presented Honorary Resolutions to former County Commissioners for their dedicated service to the community.
Notaries and Bonds were unanimously approved.
Tim Troutman, of the National Weather Service, presented EMS and the county with the distinction of  “Storm Ready”. During Reports From Elected Officials, Mayor Alan Palmieri stated that St. Mary’s had donated 2 acres of land adjacent to the hospital for a new E911 center. Mayor Palmieri requested non-binding authority to put packets of information together regarding options for a new E911, EMS and Ambulance substation. Motion passed unanimously.
Mayor Palmieri also stated that the County Finance Office could possibly move into the basement of the Health Department (currently housing E911), thus saving the county around $30,000.00.
The Mayor said that he would seek the most efficient and cost effective way to handle the move. The county gave unanimous authority to sign White Pine intermodal agreement.
No other County Officials spoke, although the commission requested that a representative of the School Board be present at all meetings to provide information as needed.
Commissioner Scarlett, Chairman of the Budget Committee, addressed the body regarding a letter printed in the Standard Banner newspaper from former Deputy Director of Finance Sharon Winsted. Winsted had written that the Budget Committee did not meet it’s obligations in a timely manner. Scarlett stated that the Budget Committee was not informed that information was time sensitive and, in fact, it was Winsted’s decision to postpone dealing with Budget amendments. 
The Budget Committee recommended accepting General Fund and School Budget amendments (unanimous), and declared land as surplus property (unanimous). Under New Business Commissioner Anna Barreiro proposed a Resolution to Extend the Hours of Operation for Establishments Selling Beer in Jefferson County. Barreiro amended her resolution to state that beer sales would start at 10am on Sunday.
Chairman Mills informed the Commission that a petition against Sunday Beer Sales had been received. The Sunday Beer Sales Resolution failed.
Commissioner Tucker requested that the Commission adopt Senior Tax Relief that has been enacted by the State. Tucker stated that Tennessee, and particularly Jefferson County Citizens, are strongly in favor of the Senior Tax Relief – separate from what can currently be applied for by fixed income or low income citizens. The motion was left lying on the table by a split commission vote. It can be brought back before the Commission by motion and vote.
The Jefferson County Budget Committee will meet March 28, 2011, (6pm) Main Courtroom Jefferson County Courthouse.

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