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July 28th - Aug 6

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Dandridge, Tennessee

July 25, 2011

Begins This Week !
Staff Photo / Exhibitors checking in for The Jefferson County Fair

The Jefferson County Fair is coming to town on July 28, 2011 and Fair goers can enjoy events through August 6, 2011. The Fair is a longstanding tradition in Jefferson County and residents of all ages eagerly await the annual event. The magnitude of the Fair requires a great deal planning and hard work. Jefferson County Fair President Ricky Taylor and a group of dedicated individuals spend many months in preparation for the week long parade of judging, pageants, rides , tractor pulls, monster trucks and other exciting offerings that entertain, astound and inform Jefferson County residents during a trip to the Jefferson County Fair. Voted the Best East Tennessee Fair 2010 by readers of The Tennessee Magazine, the Jefferson County Fair is a favorite among locals, who participate heavily in exhibits. 

Jefferson County Commission Pass Budgets
Staff Photo / Doug Goddard

The Jefferson County Commission held their Regular Quarterly Meeting on July 21, 2011, at 6:30pm in the Historic Jefferson County Courthouse.

The meeting was called to order by Commission Chairman Mills.

Minutes of the July 14, 2011 and June 20, 2011, were approved. The Agenda and Corrections of the Agenda were also approved.  Three Citizens requested to appear before the Commission.

Doug Goddard stated he wanted to remind the commission that except for certain contracts and legal obligations, a past Legislative Body cannot bind a future Legislative Body. He said that the Act of 81 is the only system that keeps the County Commission fully involved with all aspects of County finances. Goddard also stated that the County Commission is the last stop for those who do no want the growth boundaries extended. After the growth boundaries are extended an area can be annexed into the city by vote of the city Legislative Body, though those being annexed had no voice in, or representation on, the voting body, as they did not vote to elect city officials.

Charlotte Havely requested that the Commission encourage the School Board to move the location of the new elementary school on Dumplin Valley. She stated that the road is dangerous and will need expansion which will cost the taxpayers greatly. Also, there is no water or sewage and a independent sewage system could put independent water wells in the area at risk for contamination.

Axel Ringe requested that the Commission allow the Library Board more time to consider the offer of donation of the Union Hall Building. He stated that citizens have requested that the Library remain in the present location due to the close proximity to the school.

A representative of the new owner of the building that currently houses the E-911 center for Jefferson County stated that there is no intent to evict E-911 from the building, however he requested a timeline for vacating the building. The representative stated that the new owners intent was to develop the building into professional offices, however if the county would be interested in staying , renovation costs could be paid upfront or included in the lease payments. The Director of E-911 stated that renovations would cost approximately $750,000. He said that, though he would selfishly like an independent E-911 Building, the current plan for a combination building to house E-911, EMA, EMS and an ambulance substation is a sound plan and in the best interest of the taxpayers.

Commissioner Tucker made a motion to proceed with the Emergency Combination Center as planned. 2nd by Commissioner Blevins. ( withdrawn )

Commissioner Turner made a high privilege motion to refer to Budget Committee to consider renovations on current leased building. 2nd Griffith motion failed.

Mayor Palmieri stated that it is the responsibility of the County to provide for the safety and well being of the residents of Jefferson County, and that emergency services are the one area that serves every resident of the County.

Budget Committee Chairman Scarlett stated that the recommendation from the Budget Committee was to fund the additional funds needed for the project ( 1.6 million ) from outside funding. Recommendations from Committee do not require a 2nd.

Turner offered an amendment for a total construction budget of 1.5 million with $400,000 from outside funding source. Motion died for lack of 2nd.

Tucker offered an amendment to say most beneficial funding source, which was amended by consent to say Bond Anticipation Note. 2nd Scarlett amendment and motion passed 13-7 .

Budget Committee Chairman Scarlett brought a recommendation from the Committee to fund Sanitation Department request for $902,000 for dozier and new cell through Bond Anticipation Note. Motion passed 19-1 Griffith No.

Public Service Committee Chairman Tucker informed the Commission that the Committee is working on a funding formula for Fire Departments and is reviewing a Outdoor Event Permit. Jefferson County Sheriff McCoig reported that it was just under $5,000 to police Dexfest ( outdoor music festival).

Commissioner Barreiro made a motion to postpone the Union Hall Building donation until September.2nd Blevins motion passed unanimously.

Commissioner Blevins made a motion to postpone discussion on Strawberry Plains Senior Center until September. 2nd Barreiro passed unanimously.

Commissioner Tucker made a motion to look at major department budgets one at a time. 2nd Barreiro motion failed.

Commissioner Beeler made a motion to separate school budget from county budget. 2nd Tucker motion passed.

Commissioner Tucker made a motion to fund the Department of Education at $12,944,680 which was maintenance of effort ( including teacher state mandated increase ) plus $55,000 Trane payment and the difference in the reported overture from last year and the money found recently by the Department of Education which totaled $151,297. Amended by consent to include $600,000 for teacher retirement for a total of $806,297 to come from fund balance. 2nd Beeler

Commissioner Turner made a motion to postpone indefinitely. Died for a lack of 2nd.

The vote to approve the school budget as amended passed 12-8 with Baxley, Tabor, Cureton, Turner, Griffith, Solomon, Hubbard and Estes voting No.

Commissioner Tucker made a motion to accept the remainder of the County budget with the addition of $420,000 for Highway Department to pave County roads, to come from fund balance. 2nd Cureton motion failed 9-11. Barreiro made a motion to use money earmarked for the Senior tax Relief and apply to the $420,000. Motion died for lack of 2nd.

An amendment by Beeler to lower the amount of funding to $200,000 also failed.

Commissioner Tabor made a motion to accept the County portion of the budget as is. 2nd Solomon

Tucker offer an amendment for $210,000 for paving roads. 2nd Dockery amendment failed.

The motion by Tabor passed with Barreiro voting No.

In other business on a Motion from Tucker the Commission voted 11-9 to follow the recommendation of the Planning Commission to rezone Nichols property to Commercial. Upon a Motion from Estes the Commission voted to accept three necessary budget resolutions to reflect amendments consistent with approved budget.

The Commission also voted unanimously to instruct County departments to begin the 2012-2013 budget at a point before use of fund balance for a true starting figure.  The meeting was Adjourned.

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