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Dandridge, Tennessee

July 11, 2011

Jefferson County Budget Committee 
Director of Schools Questions Committee's Authority to Reject School Budget

Photo by: Madison J. Photography

The Jefferson County Budget Committee met on Thursday, July 7, 2011, at 6pm in the Main Courtroom of the Historic Jefferson County Courthouse.

The meeting was called to order by Committee Chairman Scarlett. Commissioner Cureton was present for absent Committee Member Turner. 

The Minutes were approved.

Director of Sanitation Bobby Hubbard addressed the funding for the dozer and new cell. He requested that the amount needed to cover the two items be paid by the County Commission, rather than come in the form of a loan from the County. Discussion followed regarding the private enterprise status of the Landfill. Committee Member Tucker made a motion to loan the $201,700 needed to purchase 2 dozers and send the remainder for the new cell back to the Sanitation Board to address increasing revenue and payback capabilities before funding. Motion Passed.

Jefferson County Employee raises or bonus information was presented to the Committee by Director of Finance Helton. The Committee discussed the feasibility of raise vs. bonus and the impact on the County Budget. Committee Member Barreiro made a motion to not fund any raises or bonus due to the state of county finances. 2nd by Estes. Committee Member Mills amended the motion to do nothing now and revisit the issue in October. 2nd Tabor - The amendment passed.

The Jefferson County Department of Education returned with their School Board approved budget. Director of Schools Edmonds presented the budget to the Committee. A handout listed the items of interest, although no line item budget was given out at the meeting. The handout out listed a $1,892,632 deficit. The Committee questioned the accuracy of the listed items. $684,297 was not retirement, although it was listed as such. The Committee questioned the items that were presented as reoccurring, as they would go to maintenance of effort and become a annual expense for the taxpayers. Committee Chairman Scarlett questioned if $311,000 was actually State money, which cannot be counted as a local monetary commitment. He was informed that it was State money. Corrections were made to total a bottom line deficit of nearly 1.8 million dollars. Committee Member Solomon made a motion to fund the $ 1,795,000 from the fund balance. Motion Failed.

The Committee suggested that Director of Schools Edmonds return to the School Board and reconsider cuts to the budget. Edmonds stated that no further cuts could be made to the budget and that the Budget Committee did not have authority to reject the budget as presented, as the final authority lies with the full Commission. 

The Budget Committee moved on to full budget, with no recommendation for acceptance of the Department of Education Budget.

The Committee discussed the mechanisms for funding the Jefferson County Budget requests. Several Committee Members spoke against an 

Photo by: Madison J. Photography
School Board Cuts to Include Bus Driver and Route Consolidation
Final Budget Awaits Vote

The Jefferson County School Board met on Thursday, July 7, 2011, in the Media Center of Jefferson County High School.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman of the Board Potts. 

Board Member Vines was absent. 

Chairman Potts turned the meeting over to Director of Schools Edmonds. Edmonds addressed a handout listing budget cuts that totaled $72,816, as was requested at a previous school board meeting. Listed as cuts were the salary for a bus driver and cost to transport to TSD, which are 100% reimbursable and the salary for an assistant for a TSD student which is also reimbursable, to total $22,900. A Special Education transfer to Federal ( partial ) @ $13,674 and $500 from the Superintendent Office for travel were also listed. The remainder of the cuts came from consolidation of two bus routes, with the savings being in salary, benefits and fuel for those routes.

Director of Schools Edmonds also distributed a Budget Summary.

Board Member Jarnigan made a motion to accept the cuts as presented. The motion was 2nd by Solomon.

Board Member Loy attempted to question the Budget Summary. Chairman Potts ruled that no questions could be asked about anything that did not pertain directly to the cuts ( motion ). The motion passed with Loy and Bradley voting No.

Jarnigan made a motion to adjourn and was 2nd by Solomon.  The Meeting was adjourned.

increase in property tax, as there was a significant increase in the previous year. 

Committee Member Estes made a motion to fund the budget as printed out of fund balance. Motion failed.

Committee Member Tucker made the motion to pull the senior tax relief and 4 new deputy positions, both of which are reoccurring expenses, and fund the remainder from fund balance. Kesterson 2nd Motion Failed.

Solomon made a motion to fund as read. 2nd Estes. Motion Failed.

Committee Member Mills made a motion to raise taxes by 3 pennies to cover reoccurring expenses and fund the rest from fund balance. 2nd Estes. Motion Failed.

Tucker made a motion to cut in half all reoccurring expenses and fund the rest from fund balance. 2nd Kesterson. Motion Failed.

Solomon made a motion to send to the full commission with no recommendation. 2nd Tabor. Motion Failed.

Committee Member Tabor made a motion to cut 10% of all overtures. 2nd Solomon. Motion Passes with Tabor, Solomon, Estes, Beeler and Cureton voting Yes.

The Budget will now go before the full Jefferson County Commission.  The meeting was adjourned.

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