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Dandridge, Tennessee

January 9, 2012 www.jeffersoncountypost.com

Manhunt Ends In Arrest
Fleeing Suspect Apprehended After Drawing City & County Officer's Fire

Staff Photo / (L-R) Jefferson County Sheriff's Dept. - Chief Deputy Tim Carter, Sheriff G. W. Bud McCoig

Staff Photo / Dandridge Police Dept. - Dandridge Chief of Police Carson Williams

The Dandridge Police Department and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department apprehended two suspects that were wanted for charges in New York, during the early morning hours of Friday, January 6, 2012. According to information provided by Jefferson County Sheriff McCoig and Dandridge Police Chief Williams, at around 4:15 am Dandridge City Police became aware of a red Chevrolet, with license tag number 124YHR after receiving a BOLO ( be on the lookout ) from dispatch. Two Dandridge City Police Officers, assisted by a officer from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department, attempted to pull the suspects over in the parking lot of Ruby Tuesday’s in Dandridge. Two suspects, one male and one female, attempted to assault the officers with their vehicle, resulting in one City Officer and one Sheriff’s Department Officer firing on the vehicle. The suspects fled in the vehicle and both the Dandridge City Police and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department gave chase. According to Chief Williams, the suspects turned left out of the Ruby Tuesday’s parking lot and headed down Goose Creek Road. Officers caught up with the suspect’s car near an empty house on Goose Creek, where they apprehended the female driver of the vehicle. The male passenger was struck by a bullet when the officers fired on the suspects, post their attempt to run over the Officers. He exited the vehicle and fled the scene. After a manhunt for the suspect, he was apprehended approximately one mile south of the green bridge in Dandridge. Lifestar airlifted the suspect to University of Tennessee Hospital, where he was treated and released for superficial wounds. He was transported later Friday to the Jefferson County Jail. The female suspect is also in the Jefferson County Jail. The arrests were a joint effort of the Dandridge City Police, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the District Attorney’s Office. Both Sheriff McCoig and Chief Williams expressed their gratitude to the Officers and agencies involved. They stated that the County and City are relieved that no Officers were injured during the course of the arrests. Jeremy Ostrander is wanted in New York for felony charges, though the local District Attorney has been consulted concerning charges against Ostrander and Tesa Harris, his female companion and driver of the vehicle. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigations is currently investigating the incident. The TBI is routinely called in when a Officer discharges a weapon. As is customary, the Officers involved are on administrative leave with pay pending the results of the TBI investigation. Chief Williams stated that he had not had a Officer discharge his weapon in the line of duty during his tenure as the Dandridge Police Chief and Jefferson County Sheriff McCoig concurred that the incidents of Officers discharging their weapon is small in the County. Sheriff McCoig and Chief Williams stated that this is an example of the risk that Officers take everyday in the line of duty and they are thankful that the result was positive rather than tragic.

“Tour of Tyrants”
Growing Concerns Among US & Europe
By: Jake Depew, Jefferson County Post Staff Writer

Starting Sunday, January 8, 2012, Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad will be going on a tour across four countries: a tour that has already coined the name “Tour of Tyrants.” Starting on the eighth, Ahmadinejad will be touring across Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, and Ecuador. Concern is rising amongst the United States and European Union, as these countries are notorious dictatorships whose views and interests often come into conflict with the two powers. The tour comes at a time when both the United States and European Union are pressing Iran for tighter sanctions on its nuclear program. Iranian officials have stated that the trip’s only purpose is to give Iran greater trading prospects with foreign countries, mainly in construction services and materials. The Iranian government still maintains that the country’s nuclear program is only intended to provide power for its citizens. Regardless of these numerous statements, the program is still being heavily monitored by world powers everywhere, particularly those allied with the United States and European Union. At the time of this writing there are no further details known about the nature of the Ahmadinejad’s tour, and more information will, undoubtedly, be released as the tour continues.

Arrest Made In Buchanan Murder Investigation

DNA Evidence Final Link In Investigative Chain

Jefferson County Sheriff McCoig announced on January 5, 2012 that an arrest has been made for the murder of Dandridge resident Steve Buchanan. The arrest cumulates a year and a half of investigative work on the part of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department, as well as the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations and the District Attorney’s Office. Buchanan was reported missing in July of 2010 and though foul play was suspected, no charges were placed absent Buchanan body. February 18, 2011 human remains were discovered off of Foothills Road in Dandridge after a neighborhood pet carried in what police suspected was a human bone. After a search of the area, more skeletal remains, along with some decomposing clothing, were discovered. The Sheriff’s Department requested assistance from the University of Tennessee Forensic Anthropology Department, who marked and collected the bones. The bones were identified as male and Buchanan was the only male missing person in Jefferson County, at that time. Within days of the discovery, Rebecca Taylor, Assistant Coordinator for Forensic Anthropology at the University of Tennessee, confirmed that the manner of death had been deemed homicide. Though the Sheriff’s Department did have a suspect in the Buchanan case, they were awaiting DNA conformation from the lab before continuing forward with an arrest. The lab results recently became available and Sheriff McCoig presented the Buchanan case to the Grand Jury last week. After receiving a Grand Jury Indictment, Officers from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations arrested Ashley Brent Van Natter, age 31, of Dandridge. Van Natter is Buchanan’s step son and had lived with Buchanan. He was arrested at the Sevier County Jail where he was being held on unrelated charges and was transported to Jefferson County Jail where he awaits arraignment in Circuit Court on Wednesday. Sheriff McCoig said Friday that the thoughts and prayers of the Sheriff’s Department are with Buchanan’s family and that, hopefully, they will be able to find closure after months of searching and then waiting on lab results. Van Natter emerged early as the primary suspect in Buchanan’s disappearance and remained on the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department radar during the subsequent months that they waited on DNA results.

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