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Jefferson County Republicans Elect New Officers

The Jefferson County Republicans met Saturday January 29, 2011 at 10:00 am at the historic Jefferson County Court House.
A near record breaking crowd packed the courthouse, as the Jefferson County Republicans prepared to elect new officers.
Attendees were asked to sign in and received a ballot to vote for Chairman of the Jefferson County Republicans. 
Exiting Chair Vicki Forgety presided over the meeting.  The votes for all other offices were by a show of hands.
Elected to the position of Chairman was Beau Tucker.  Tucker has been instrumental in the success of the Jefferson County Young Republicans.
Also elected: 1st Vice Chair – Linda Larson, 2nd Vice Chair – David Oatney, Secretary – Travis Adderhold, Treasurer – Marie Johnston, Vice Treasurer – Robert Blevins, and Senior Chair – Frank Cosentino.
Pictured:  Robert Blevins, Frank Cosentino, Beau Tucker, Linda Larson, Travis Adderhold, Marie Johnston, David Oatney.
The Jefferson County Republicans also recognized veterans who were present for the meeting.  In other action, Doug Goddard was appointed to an advisory position of parliamentary procedure.  At this time the Jefferson County Republicans have not set a date and time for their next meeting.

School Board Meets - Teachers Salaries Discussed
Jefferson County School Board held their regular monthly meeting on January 27, 2011, at Jefferson County High School .
On topic for Items of Information was Teacher’s Salary Schedule.
The Director of Schools, Charles Edmonds, presented the board with information comparing Jefferson County with the surrounding counties – Cocke, Hamblen, Sevier, Grainger and Knox – as well as placement statewide.  Teacher’s salaries in Jefferson County place 87th out of 135 School districts, while neighboring Hamblen County ranks 59th.
The large discrepancies between administrative pay (46th of 135) and Teacher pay (87th of 135) was of great concern to board member Annette Loy.
Out of the six local counties, Jefferson County came in 5th in new teachers pay.  Loy stated that possibly the greatest concern was Jefferson County’s per pupil expenditures.  Jefferson County ranked a low 101 of 135 school districts in this category. 
Loy said that she is “concerned about putting money where it needs to go, which is into the classroom”.  Loy also requested that the Director of Schools provide the school board with a schedule for administrators and classified employees, so the board could better understand the determination of salaries.
The Board heard the maintenance report from administrator Bill Nolan.  He noted that several improvements had been made to area schools including painting and roofing.
Plans for exhaust fans at Maury Middle School have been put on hold due to over budget roofing costs at Maury.

The Board also took action to adopt on first reading 5.1141 Teacher Effect Data and on second reading 6.402 Physical Examinations and Immunizations and 6.411 Student Wellness.

The Board, in conjunction with the Director of Schools, decided to remove Good Friday from the proposed Snow Make Up Calendar.
The County Commission’s request to meet with the School Board and have dialogue concerning the building program and future building plans were rejected when the Board declined to amend the conditions of a joint meeting that were lined out during a called meeting earlier in the month.

Oh! What Difference a Week Makes.

Sunday, January 30, 2011 was a stellar weather day for Jefferson County. After weeks of cold, snow and ice, Sunday reached an unofficial high of 69 degrees. Tennis players, motorcyclists, joggers and even boaters enjoyed the break from Winter's grip. Hopefully, Sunday's sunny skies, not Punxsutawney Phil, will be the forecaster for days ahead.

Gordon & Melanie Stevens of Dandridge couldn't resist taking their boat out on Douglas Lake on such a gorgeous Sunday afternoon.

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