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July 28th - Aug 6

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Dandridge, Tennessee

August 1, 2011

Azlinn Alder Crowned Fairest Of The Fair

Staff Photo / Azlinn Alder - Fairest Of The Fair 2011 

Saturday evening, July 30, 2011 was an exciting time as Jefferson County crowned the 2011 Fairest of the Fair. The event MC was local celebrity Lori Tucker, anchor of channel 6 news and a former pageant winner. A bevy of lovely young women competed for the crown, but in the end it was sixteen year old Azlinn Alder who walked away with the title. Azlinn is a rising Junior at Jefferson County High School where she is very busy participating in varsity basketball and golf. Next year will be even more full and exciting, as she will represent Jefferson County in State Competition in January. Loretta Rummel, Pageant Coordinator, said that Azlinn impressed the judges with her poise, carriage and beauty. Though Azlinn is young for the crown - she just recently turned sixteen - Loretta feels that she will have the stage presence, personality and style to have a true shot at the State title. Preparation for the State will begin very soon and Azlinn will have a group of dedicated people to help her along the way. Her calendar will be full, as she also carries out the duties of the reigning Fairest of the Fair. There will be community service events and parades to attend. In fact, Azlinn jumped right into the duties of the title, as she 

crowned the winners of the Pre-Teen and Teen Miss Pageants. Shortly after being crowned, she was informed that , along with beginning highly visible at other Fair events, Azlinn may be asked to sing. Undaunted, the newly minted Fairest of the Fair stated that she would love to entertain for the crowd. It is that very confident outlook and a willingness to serve that propelled Alder to the sash and crown.

Fairest of the Fair is more than just a pageant, the title carriers a $1,000 scholarship. Even though she is still a few years away from college, Azlinn already has goals for herself. She hopes to receive a golf scholarship and play somewhere fairly close to home. She has job shadowed for speech pathology and is considering the field for a career. Right now, however, Azlinn is concentrating on being a good role model for younger girls and becoming more involved in the community.

Former Jefferson County Fairest of the Fair winners assist during the Pageant and some help through out the year. Leah Hudson will serve as Azlinnís coach for the State Pageant. Loretta and a committed group of people will guide her through the activities for the next year. As early as next week dress selection (generously provided by Formal Approach)could begin. Azlinnís family and friends have been very sup portative. Her mother helped prepare her for the local Pageant and will certainly be involved in the State preparation. Already opportunities are opening up for Azlinn. Both Azlinn and 2010 Fairest of the Fair Jennifer Nicely will do a spot on Chris and Company, a new PBS show coming in the fall.

Two other Jefferson County High School students rounded out the top three. Alexis Whitehead was 1st runner up and Jessica Purkey was 2nd runner up.

School Board Member Phagan

Offered Position by Director Of Schools

Jefferson County School Board member Michael Phagan interview for and was offered the position of Director of Facilities, Capitol Projects and Transportation with the Jefferson County School System. Interviews took place on Thursday, July 28. On Friday, July 29, 2011 the remainder of the School Board was informed of the decision of Director of Schools Edmonds to offer Phagan the directorship. The duties of the position in question were previously the responsibility of Bill Nolan, who is retiring. Nolan will stay on with a 120 day contract, according to information previously given by the Human Resources Department of the Department of Education. The Human Resources Department also stated that the director position was reclassified as non certified after Nolanís retirement. The salary of the position was to depend on qualifications of the candidate.

Phagan was one of nine candidates for the position. Five of the Candidates were interviewed on Thursday. Of the five, three were 

Staff Photo

current employees of the School System and one was a former employee of the Department of Education. Though the interviews were conducted before the School Board work session on Thursday, School Board Members were not informed of the employment offer until Friday, when sources state that the information came in the form of an e-mail from the Director of Schools Edmonds. Under Tennessee State Law, Phagan will resign his position on the Jefferson County School Board. It will be the responsibility of the Jefferson County Commission to place someone in the vacated position. 

As of the time of press, the Jefferson County Post had been unable to contact Chairman of the School Board Potts. It is unknown if Phagan has officially resigned his position on the Jefferson County School Board.

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