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Dandridge, Tennessee

August 27, 2012


County & Municipality Seats To Be Filled During This Year's Presidential Election

Staff Photo / Jefferson County High School First Home Game of 2012 against Tennessee High Vikings
Lots Of Choices For Jefferson County Voters

The Jefferson County Election Office has released information regarding Jefferson County citizens that have qualified for candidacy in the November 6, 2012 elections. Open seats in both the County and municipalities government will be on the November ballot, which also includes the lead ticket Presidential election. Historically, Jefferson County experiences a high volume voter turn out for the November Presidential Election. This cycle, there will also be challenges for two County Commission district seats that were vacated. The County Commission appointed interim Commissioners to fill those seats, pending the November election. District 3, which is the White Pine District, had an empty seat due to the death of long time Commissioner Musick. His wife, Rita Musick was appointed to fill his seat until the November election. Three citizens have returned petitions to run for the open seat in District 3. Former County Commissioner Nina “Hoagie” Snodgrass, Roger Cameron and Rita Musick have all been qualified and will be on the November ballot. A District 7 seat became available when County Commissioner Hubbard resigned this Summer. Jack Akard was appointed to the open seat pending the election. Five residents have qualified for the November election and will appear on the ballot for the District 7 County Commission seat. Jack Akard, Ginger Holbert Huskey, Vickie Sawtelle, Larry Howard and James Parker have all declared their candidacy for the open seat.

The Town of Dandridge has three open seats for Aldermen. Three sitting Aldermen have qualified their petitions to run for those seats. Ken Thornhill, Pam Farrar and Michael Nelson will run unopposed for the three open seats. Current Mayor of Dandridge George Gantte will be unopposed for the position of Mayor, as he seeks another term in the position.

Jefferson City has two open seats for the City Council. Ann Cole, who is currently sitting on the Council will seek re election, however Karen Smith will not be seeking another term in office. Cole will face three challengers for the two open seats. Stephen Lloyd, Dennis Melton, Darrell Helton and Cole have all qualified for the November election and will appear on the ballot. Bill Longmire also qualified his petition, however later withdrew his name from the ballot.

New Market Aldermen Maurice Solomon and Ross Cunningham have both qualified for the November election and are unchallenged in their candidacy. Current Mayor Charles Guinn will, also, be unopposed in his run for another term as Mayor of New Market.

White Pine Mayor Stanley Wilder will be unopposed in the November election, as he seeks another term as Mayor of White Pine. Aldermen Curt Evans and Ann Strom will also be unopposed for the two open seats on the Board of Aldermen.

The City of Baneberry will have a challenged race as two candidates seek to fill the City Council seat which was held by David Utley. Both Jessie Lunsford and Robert Fandetti have qualified their petitions for the November 6th election.

Early voting for the November 6, 2012 election will begin on October 17, 2012 and run through November 1, 2012.

West Nile Virus in East Tennessee

Confirmed Human Case in Neighboring County


The Tennessee Department of Health is cautioning residents to be aware of and take precautions against the West Nile Virus. Recently, the virus made its way into East Tennessee.  Greene County has one reported human case of the virus and Grainger County has the State’s only equine case of West Nile Virus. The virus is spread through infected mosquitoes and can be transferred to animal and humans. Tennessee has joined a host of other stated that are battling what has been described by the Center for Disease Control as the worst out break of the virus in United States History. A total of five Tennessee residents have been diagnosed with the virus. Symptoms vary among affected individuals and can range from mild to death. At this time, no deaths have been reported in Tennessee. Other states have not been as fortunate. Texas has been hit particularly hard by the virus. Experts believe that the mild and short Winter weather of 2012, combined with drought and flooding issues, have provided a beneficial breeding ground for mosquitoes. The CDC and the Tennessee Department of Health are alerting citizens to take steps to eliminate mosquito breeding grounds and to limit exposure to mosquitoes. Remove stagnate water, avoid dusk and dawn when mosquitoes are at their worst and consider appropriate repellants when outdoors. Though the temperatures may be uncomfortable for long sleeves and pants, it is important to limit skin exposure to mosquito bites. Anyone that suspects that they may have come in contact with an infected mosquito should seek medical attention. Though some people never experience complications from an infected bite, age and general physical heath do appear to be contributing factors. Those over the age of 50 appear to be susceptible, as well as anyone with a compromised immune system. Children are also at risk due to young immune systems. While the CDC cautions about the risks of West Nile Virus, it also cautions about the risk of heat related risks and warns that, while long sleeves and pants do help protect from mosquito bites, it must be balanced with other physical needs and outdoor temperature must be a consideration. Appropriate sprays for adults and children are readily on the market and can be purchased at the local pharmacy. Children require limited exposure to Deet, a chemical in most repellants, and a pharmacist or physician can advise about child friendly sprays.

Hurricane Isaac Eyes New Orleans


Coastal communities in Florida have issued mandatory evacuations as Tropical Storm Isaac, a storm that has already claimed the lives of six people in Haiti, moves through the Straits of Florida. After passing through the Caribbean, the storm has proceeded to move west of its projected path, raising panic in many areas along the southern coast of the United States. The storm contains sustained winds exceeding 60 mph, and the outer bands of the storm extend as far as 205 miles from its center. Isaac is expected to gain strength as it passes over the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, and reports indicate that the storm will have likely turned into a full hurricane by early Monday morning: August 27, 2012. By late Monday afternoon or evening, the storm is expected to be just West of Tampa, Florida. By Wednesday, August 29, 2012, Isaac could potentially be a Category 2 hurricane, bearing winds in excess of 96 mph. Areas of Louisiana from Morgan City east are under a hurricane watch: this watch includes New Orleans. Many southern parts of Florida are out of power, and the scale of the destruction is expected to increase within the next few days.

Flu Season Alerts

The Center for Disease Control has released information on influenza vaccines that will be recommended for the 2012-2013 flu season. The H1N1 virus used to make the vaccine for last year’s flu season is still recommended with the addition of the H3N2 and B vaccine virus. The CDC is again recommending that anyone over the age of 6 months receive the influenza vaccination. It is especially important for anyone over the age of 65, those with compromised immune systems and pregnant women. It is also recommended for those that deal with the public and care givers of those in a high-risk group. Though flu season is traditionally considered to begin around October, vaccinations should be scheduled as early as possible to avoid the risk of early contamination. It generally takes around two weeks for the vaccination to take effect and shipments of the vaccine are expected to arrive for distribution in late August and early September.

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